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AMT 1923 coke delivery truck modified by Popeye the Sailor

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this poor model will never know what hit it :ph34r:    ....and to think,  this all came about because of a 283 small block 'kit' that I bought from old models .com.  I mentioned to the admiral that I'd like to go to the local Hobby Lobby,  to look for it's intended victim.  she scoffed a bit,  but we did go.......and I was disappointed with the selection they had there.   the three in one kits that used to be common,  I am convinced that they are no more and customizer kits have taken their place.

    I was going to select the ZZ tops Eliminator kit......but it's too low to the ground.......and I don't have anything in the way of gasser suspension for it.   everything else had the A frame suspension.......that wouldn't do either.   I did finally settle for this kit....hopefully I can do something to get the body off the ground.


I have a name for her already.........now I need to plan some decals for her.   as we were milling around,  the admiral noticed this model......


she liked it............it's not something I usually model.  I pointed to another that looked like it had vending machines sticking out of it.......but she liked this one.  I grabbed it too.  it does seem to have a charm to it.......kinda like the beer wagon, or the Tijuana Taxi.  I enjoyed building them in my younger days.......and then another thought came to mind.  I recalled the old Woody I had built.....I had soaked and separated some plywood,  to fill in the panels.  not the most perfect job,  but it was interesting and fun to play with.   asking the admiral what she though of the body being made of wood,  she said it would be different.........she liked the idea :)   once the kit got into the house,  it didn't stay in the box long.........first order of business,  was to gather up the body parts and trace then on some 1/16 basswood.


I didn't even do a content review...not that many parts to speak of anyway.  it is a small model.  what there is of the frame was also assembled,  consisting of five parts.   the engine,  which is a model T engine,  was bagged.   I'll save it for something else.


the floor,  sides and roof were all cut and assembly started after getting an idea of how the plastic parts fit together.


I had drawn the oval windows.......for the model though,  I will make them round,  using some extra portholes from the Progress for the frames,  and window maker for the glass.  before long,  the basic body was assembled




I've done a little sanding here so far........more as I go along.    the roof has some camber to it.......I'll give it a bit more.


more sanding to go here as well.......  something told me that I should have added the partition wall behind where the seat will go,  before drilling out the windows.   ....and of course,  as I went up to a larger drill.....I heard and saw what I didn't want to see :( 


knitting it back together with some Ca..........I think it is salvageable.......now!  let's get that partition in there!  I did more work on the roof ribs too,  in the meantime. 



I later filled in the top part of the partition,  but I did something later that made what I did useless......wouldn't have had to do it.   oh well  ;)   I did finally get all of the windows to size.......the back windows........


....and if the other side was a bit more cooperative,  I could have shown both sides.


I even had a thought about a drag machine using this body........call it The Medicine Man.........or Gypsy {then I though of Cher, and nixed that one :D }   it's fun to think of all the possibilities for one silly little kit  ;)    I ended up having to pause here...hope to get back to her later.

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I did get back to her.......did a bit more.   I forgot to mention that the prices for these car models  is crazy!   both of these kits went for $29.99.......the last time I bought a car model,  they were around $22.00...   well......anyway,........after doing more sanding to the roof ribs,  rounding them off a bit more,  I decided to close up the ceiling above the seat.   that's what nulled the filler for the partition.



with the roof ready to go,  on went the skin :) 


I'm going to use the plastic parts for the fenders and firewall.   I will need to make the engine cutout on the body floor......and also to the firewall,  so I may have to make a cover for the interior.   the undercarriage needs some fleshing out before the fenders and frame can be added.  at this time,  I can then think about what to do for an engine.


the rear portion of the undercarriage framework was marked out........the thickness of the tabs was matched and the floor crossmembers were laid.


the part behind the body is the floor........the tunnel riser can be seen.......it's not very high.  I won't need to make it look like that,  but there are a couple of other things that need to be done here as well.   hopefully,  I can get to it for the next update.   I really want to get some paint on the body.   it's driving me batty 


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If you're gonna poke holes in thin sheet wood, put some tape behind/over the openings to prevent tear out. And a dab of sanding sealer, too. Yep, you're all hot to trot to get going on this little jewel, but....that basswood will soak up paint. And paint both sides or it'll look like the pleats on an accordion, if you use acrylics. Yeah, I did a similar thing. I have a model railroad stock car I started, but I have to regroup on the build, since it got a tad warped. So used to Floquil and Scalecoat, (solvent based paints) and forgot the basics.

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thanks for the kind comments :)   I use enamels........it will get a primer coat and a light sand before the color goes on.  I don't want to lose the texture, but if it does,  I won't feel too bad.   while I'm working on the undercarriage,  I'm test fitting the plastic parts,  so I'll know what joins where.   you'll really have to post a log on one of your cars Ken.......it would be neat.  there are quite a few train folk here on the site.  on the old model kit website,  they have a good selection of these HO kits for sale.......I have been tempted  ;) 

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I've done a bit more on the coke mobile.......I am a bit hampered though due to a gash on my pinkie finger.  I did it at work.......nothing major.   I'm still waiting on the engine I ordered.......I may use it on this project.   just for chucks and grins,  I looked into the '40 sedan to see what the engines look like in that model........there is a stock flathead v8 and a souped up olds 394 cu in engine in the kit.  both engines would look big in the small engine compartment of this buggy....so I may have to alter it some.   I use enamels....to get a nice finish on the body,  I'm gonna need to seal the wood with primer.   I have a tin of white primer,  but I couldn't get the cap off.  so I settled for some Billing primer....I have one bottle left.   it covers really nice,  but smells the high heaven!


I still need to paint the interior areas....


I only have flat red.......I could go over it with clear lacquer and still get a nice shine.   I've also seen this model in white,  and it looks really nice too.  I want to do some trim work on the body after painting,  some 2 mm thin strip painted gold will do the trick.


the fire wall will need to be altered........I removed the plastic inside the raised outline.  the top of the fire wall frame was flattened to fit inside the roof edge.  the fenders,  which will also be plastic,  will need to be modified as well.


as I'm fitting all this together,  I'm test fitting the parts for the original model.   there are few tabs to guide how the body and frame assembles.  the engine,  frame and drive train is assembled.........the body and fenders are assembled separate,  and then the two are fitted together  to pretty much finish the model.   I need the engine to get the dimensions for how deep the fire wall cover needs to be.  until then,  I can't do much more.  this model has a relatively short wheel base.  they just shipped my order yesterday.......... kinda hoping that there is an engine option for the Sox & Martin kit.......but I'm not holding my breath.  I may also need to make some custom exhaust too.

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Another cool build to follow...you mentioned the Beer wagon, I found this in my storage locker the other day...1600600146_Paddywagon.jpg.239201c5d813f14540a60da5a9eb2041.jpg

Missing the rolling stock though...no idea what it was used on

you gonna plank the sides or just leave it as wood sheet

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...add ten more like to this one!  love it.........haven't seen that kit around at all!  what rolling stock?........looks like all the parts are there.  actually,  I may have to eat my words.......I found it.......and I believe it may be available {I didn't look}.   but I did mention the Garbage truck......a wild take on a surf buggy.   check this out  ;) 




I'm going to leave the sides bare......just do some sexy molding.   there are decals to add,  that will break up the manotany.  I also need to outline the rear doors.   I was going to post the news,  but I can tell ya.......I got the engine!   ohhhhhh,  I like the Sox & Martin kit!  got some nice detail,  and the decals look pristine!  I assembled the model T engine.........I also have the parts in the brake fluid already.




I won't assemble it much more than this......I just need it for a size comparison.  the Chevy engine looks smaller than 1:25...I'll take them at their word.  I do recall this engine in a kit though......I do have my doubts that it was Revell {that's what they have it labeled as}.  I do have a feeling though,  that it won't be the supercharged version........that would make it too long.   well hang my head and cry..........I'm not doing too well tonight.......proven wrong yet again  :blush:  it is by Revell!



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more text

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small update here........I have been looking at the bottles with the part in 'em.   the engine parts seem unaffected by the brake fluid........the parts for the General though look ready to wash.  I will leave them in for one more day.........I may end up painting over the chrome.  I do find this rather odd......I haven't seen anything like this before.   


.....that was last night.........I left the computer without posting :blush:


today after work,  I looked at them again.  the part for the General are peeling and bubbled up.......ready to be brushed and cleaned.   the small block parts on the other hand,  still looked as they did when I put them in.  I said the heck with it and set up the cleaning area.   I ws surprised to find that the chrome came right off!  



weird colored plastic........that's for sure  ;)   on to the next step!

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there are so many variables to figure out :blink: .......of course,  if I can pull off what I want to do,  it will be a drastic modification.  first,  to see if the length of the engine and transmission will affect how the fire wall will fit.....I already know I'll need to make a cover....which will affect how the interior is set up....which will affect the dash.   there isn't one,  but I'll need to make something for the steering column.  everything affects something else.   assembly started on the 283.


this so far is five parts......I will add the heads,  and then I can paint.  the tranny parts were put together.......the bell housing is just fitted in this photo.  I will start to paint the parts.  I'm going to go with dual carbs....if I did the blown version,  I'd have to lengthen the frame.  the heads are cemented in place on the engine.  



the carbs are gold......the bell housing is aluminum......and a new metallic color for the tranny box and intake.......bronze.  :)   with the intake and transmission parts added to the engine,  I find that I will have to modify the drive train.  perhaps I can cut back on the tail shaft.  I have a mount for the engine.......it came with it.


the rest of the engine parts will be chrome......except the starter,  the distributor,   and the electric fuel pump.  I found that I was mistaken about the gloss red........I have some!  :)    the body was sanded and painted.



I need to check and see if I still have some of the older window maker........the new bottle I bought is too watery and won't span this large a circle {the portholes}.  if not,  then I will need to try and cut the glass from some clear cello.


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27 minutes ago, lmagna said:

It's almost a shame to have to assemble that engine and hide all that internal detail. I'm almost surprised that it didn't come with a PE head and manifold gasket set! 

In the '90's, there was an edition of a 60's Chevy Nova by AMT that had an even more detailed small block chevy engine included. The kit came with an engine stand to display it outside of the car.

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I suppose it is only a matter of time before someone takes an engine like this and develops a PE set that has push rods, rocker arms, cams and crankshaft, along with all the other stuff needed to make the internal working of the engine. After all it is 1/24th or even larger scale not 1/350th! At that point it would be a crime to hide it under a hood in a assembled state! 

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hey there gents!  thanks for the good word  :)    you know J........I looked up where to buy these engine kits.  I was surprised to find that they also have the Chevy Corvair engine!   rear engine......hmmmmmmm,  may be in the horizon ;)   that would be cool! :ph34r:


there were kits that had this much detail....but not many.  to me,  I think this was aimed at garage dioramas.........showing a torn down engine,  or in the process of repair.  it was probably a huge selling point.  for a modeler,  to have visionary and creative ability would be a huge plus.........likely the main reason why there are so many modelers assembled here ;)   to see how this model is looking at this moment........I'm feeling more comfortable that this isn't just a weird thought...more that I cared to chew.  the big hurdle is coming up.....to align the frame with the body,  and get it so it looks halfway decent.


though PE is aimed mainly at planes and ships.....I'm quite sure that it will creep into the model car market soon {if it's not already here ;) }.  update soon........likely the reason why I haven't much progress on the General  :D  :D 

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1 hour ago, popeye the sailor said:

there were kits that had this much detail....but not many.   

What you have with this engine is an example of 1960's Revell model car engineering. This is an old Revell engine used in several of their old '60's vintage kits, namely the Orange Crate altered dragster and the Mooneyes rail dragster. Both were modeled after actual race cars from that time period. Revell cornered the market for highly detailed model car and truck kits back then. Nothing else came close. Revell marketed "Part Packs", which were mini kits of engines, race chassis's, bumpers, grilles, and race car bodies such as T-Roadsters, Bantams, etc. On Ebay, you see these old part packs offered for sale though they command a premium price for the vintage items in their original packaging. More recently, others such as AMT have acquired these old Revell molds and reproduced the kits, your engine a prime example of that. All of their kit engines were highly detailed like this 283. In addition, they sold Ford, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, and several different Chevy engines including the 409.


1 hour ago, popeye the sailor said:

though PE is aimed mainly at planes and ships.....I'm quite sure that it will creep into the model car market soon {if it's not already here ;) }.   

The first photo etch for model cars I ever saw came out in the 80's. Back then, it was strictly a cottage industry. Vendors produced these items in their garage or very small businesses in small, and expensive quantities. The whole car model aftermarket thing never really took off in the USA for some reason. It never grew much beyond a cottage industry, mom and pop type operation. I'm pretty sure some of these things are still available but like I said, the cost is big when compared to what you get. Obviously, these are not mass produced items.

Asia seems to have done the most in photo etch and other aftermarket items, but their products center around race cars such as Porsche, Ferrari, BMW, and formula one type cars. These sets are readily available from sources in Asia, particularly Japan and China.

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I've compiled progress from last night and this morning.   then I had to work on my younger son's car.......not a big job,  bu I uncovered other possible reasons why his vehicle had a code.   working more on the body,  I painted the roof.1270480486_1.jpg.2cded1b045c08b8065eb6ac1a64cdcdb.jpg

then I started on the gold molding......makes me wish I had painted it white ;) 



I did it by eye.......goofed on the driver's side a little.   I won't change it,  for fear of ruining the model.   I did a simple bit across the front.


......and now for the back.  I need to do it so it shows that there are two doors......shouldn't be too hard to do.


I've added more to the engine as well........the carbs,  air cleaners and valve covers



I did a bit of scrounging between the kits that I have.........I had the slicks from the Chezooom Corvair build.....you would never know that for that build,  I used plastic tires.  the rims came from the '40 Ford Sedan.


I also need to get think'in about the interior.........the seats won't fit,  nor will do.  there are some parts in this kit,  that are not in the instructions...perhaps I can make some use for them.  I came up with a buckboard style seat.......still needs to be fitted in.


I need to pull the trigger on the frame and suspension sooner or later........the whole project is riding on it.......literally!  ;)   the engine needs to be mounted first,  so I can figure out the rest of the drive train.  I started the ball rolling with the front end suspension........more needs to be added.


the porthole windows is still in the problem stage........I must have tossed out the last of the old bottle of window maker.  still thinking that filling the porthole with the window maker can be done,  I devised a couple of tests I can try.  the first one here,  involves a short strip of tape,  sticking them to the sticky side....and then filling them with the window maker.  they are about 1/2 dry now.........I should know more in a couple more hours...


I've marked off where the firewall cut out should be.   all the more reason why I should move on the interior.

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I'm back and fourth on it J.........I though this would be a quick little ditty........who would have known I'd go overboard!  :rolleyes:  I found a place that shows all the firing orders,  but then again I also have repair manuals I can refer to.   the progress must miss me terribly..........I've had urges to go in the other room and work on her.......probably the reason why I spun off on such a strange journey.   I'm not crazy......I just suffer from over activity  ;) 


I've been standing in the middle of the see-saw long enough.   any one step will either hinder or make the next mode harder.   as was said during the second world war........this was a defining moment.  I had trimmed the long tab off the mating surface on one of the fenders........I did the same to the other one.  I know that I will need to make a few more mods to the fenders,  but I stuck them on anyway.  now that they are part of the model,  perhaps I can figure thing out better.




the partial frame under the body denoted how they were to be attached.   this will make it a bit harder to add the firewall.......I may also need to remove the areas on both sides of the engine well,  to widen it.   now that the fenders are on,  I can add a few more cross members under the body.


I will add the rest {2} when I cut out for the transmission.   I've marked out for the firewall {where it will sit},  so I can assemble the cover on the body floor,  and cut out the extra stuff later.  as for the seat,  I added the front part and a couple legs to keep it level.   once painted,  I don't think it will look too shabby.



I have room to move it back,  if I need to........that's a relief!   then the bottom got some paint.


I still need to paint the top red.......I then turned to the frame.   the engine needs to sit far enough back to leave ample room for the fan/radiator relationship.  I tried to add the support bars for the front suspension,  but the oil pan changed all that....I'll have to do something different.  the drive train/differential is still in the balance,  until the engine is decided.  I hadn't done it yet......but I finally took a look at the decal sheet.  oh yea!  they will really dress her up nice  ;)   I'll hold off on any sort of pictures 'till the end,  when I go through that process.  I also went online looking for images of past Coke logos.........but after seeing the sheet,  it was a waste of time.   the portholes are another dilemma........the first test is almost ready to inspect.


they are stuck to a piece of tape and filled with the window maker.   in the back of my mind,  I know that when tape is peeled off the roll,  it adopts a rough texture,  until it is applied to whatever surface your using it on.  but,  I've used it here as a seal for the porthole edges,  so the window maker doesn't ooze out.


clear and dry in the middle........it can be seen that it is still whitish around the brass.   I know what your thinking...........your thinking "but Den.......there's only three of them here?!?!?  where's the fourth one?"  the answer is.........I couldn't wait :D   as with all skeptics and most children {even though you've told them no},  curiosity killed the cat,  and I pulled one off.   to show you just how clear this stuff dries,  I laid it on the instructions.


the 'glass' does look a little rough........taking on the texture of the tape,  I wonder if I could clean it up by painting some over the inner surface.  I will try it....what could it hurt?  the second Idea I had,  was to lay out some plastic wrap,  pinning it so it had no wrinkles.  one could go under the assumption that the brass porthole is heavy enough to prevent the oozing,  or they could be held in place with thumb tacks....and then filled with the window maker.  whoa........too much thought..........I gotta go take a nap!  😫

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I managed to get more done.......errands took up the afternoon.


after figuring out where the engine should be.......I made up some mounts for it.  this part is a cross member for the front suspension,  that would be in the way of the oil pan.  cemented on both sides of the frame,  they were sanded to accept the engine block.


there is enough room for the drive belt and the fan......the radiator fit on the front of the cross member.  I had cemented the spring on the rear differential,  but I see that there is a problem here.  the spring need to sit forward and at an angle,  to make up for when the drive shaft is connected to the transmission.   I'll adjust it later.



rather than cut the tail shaft off of the trans,  I'll cut the drive shaft down to length.  there too much of a mismatch there....seem the best thing to do.

    I did paint some of the window maker on the backs of the windows.......it worked about half way.  they are clear,  but the 'frosting' can still be seen.


I remove them all from the tape......exposing the back sides to the air hastened the drying time.  they look a lot better in that respect  ;)   this is the differential as it sits now.


I cut off the pin at the front of the drive shaft and drilled a hole for the tail shaft to locate into.   then I cut off the spring,  cleaned everything up,  and relocated the spring forward and at an angle,  so that when the front of the drive shaft is connected to the trans,  the spring will sit perpendicular to the frame.  now I need to shorten the drive shaft about a half an inch.   I will wait till the engine is cemented in place,  so it won't move as I get the measurement right.


as for the front suspension.......the tie rod and drag link has been added,  and stabilizer bars have been added.   another part that had to be modified.

   the frame had also been painted......



the engine well has been widened.......cutting out the splash guards that were on both sides of the well itself.   I left off on this ,  trying to fit the fire wall.  there is no 'give' to the body.......so this makes it harder to do.   but I will get it in there.   I think I should get the seat in place first though........I may not be able to remove the fire wall once I fit it in ;)   minor problems..........gotta love 'em!


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thanks J........I was just tinkering with the differential.   I may have to remove a bit more in the engine well......I'm toss'in a v8 in there.  I'm also beginning to have doubts about the steering.......the engine is definitely going to be in the way.  I may have to do something cheeky with it ....or dummy it up :blink:

  it's still early..........we'll see.  I need to get the frame and drive train assembled,  so I can see what needs to be done.


gonna try and take a better look at that corvair engine...........you've peaked my interest now  ;)   thanks for following along........and thanks for those who hit the like button!

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