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HMS Victory kitbashed into a 74 by GeorgeKapas - FINISHED- Airfix- 1/180 - PLASTIC

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This is a commision I undertook for a good friend last year.  We had a correspondence through Facebook, whether it was possible to turn his Victory Kit, which was still unopened into a 74. Several ideas and plans were put into consideration.  The ship would have no sails or masts, and it would be a kind of "Admirality" type, just the hull sitting on a base resembling a launching cradle. With the exception of the Heller's Superebe and Glorieux, there are no other 74 on the kit market, certainly no british, and seems nobody had done something like that either.


The plan was as follows: Rezze Victory by one deck, which was rather troublesome, especially because the bow and rails had to be remodeled. 

Increase the width of the decks, as they now sit one lower into the tumblehome.

Remodel the quarter deck.

Remove some gunports, turn the entrance into a gunport and reduce with width of the side ladders.  


I made it in a relatively good time, and he was very pleased.  Here is the built log, I'll slowly updload them all today and tomorow, as I have to work on the bomb ketch as well! 


Here is the planing, in MS paint:

1 suggestionfinal.jpg


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The bow gave me much grief, as not only I had to reduce it in height and length, adjust the beak for the new figurehead, but all this while manipulating the bow rails as well.  The cheeks knees of the bow aparently differ much in their position between a first and third rate,  as I found out.






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Painting sceme. The choice of colors was conservative. A lot of back and forth with the filler on the deck, even at this late stage. I also built custom gratings as the ones on the kit were rather poor. I wanted the ship done with launching flag poles and all, but this was not desired by my friend. 





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As for the deck, I had it painted with its base color in enamel. The relief that indicated planks is very faint in this kit. I had to work on it accordingly, as it would be clearly visible in a ship without masts and rigging. I had to drybrush the relief lines, then wash every different plank with acrylics. The extensions on both sides had to be treated too, both with lines and wash. Generally speaking I was pleased, since the quality of this old deck was rather poor..






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Finished model! At least finished enough, he was very pleased indeed. Perhaps I'll do some more work with pencil on the deck when I visit him again. 

It was a very interesting project. Certainly without that correspondence and motivational discussions for such a rare built, I wouldnt have done it for my self. 








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WOW - this is spectacularly well done!  You are a builder after my own heart.  This should be a magazine article, as it so perfectly illustrates what is possible when it comes to broadening the subject matter that is available to plastic builders.  Very, very impressive!

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