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Firefox not showing 'images' on the MSW home page

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When I'm using Firefox, I'm not getting the "images" on the Home page any more.  The Images box shows, but it's empty.  It's only been a problem since Firefox did its update to v.65.0.2 a few days ago.
[latest news:  Firefox updated itself to v.66.0.1 on my kit just now, but MSW's 'images' still don't show.]


All other images in MSW seem to show OK, although Firefox is also failing to show me some of the graphics elsewhere (eg, it won't show me the crosswords on the Guardian website!)

If I switch from Firefox to MS Edge, the images on the MSW home page (also the Guardian crossword) show perfectly.


[  ...   and I've just noticed that Firefox now only lets me enter a title for a 'new topic', but doesn't give me a box for entering any text!  I had to log out of Firefox and jump to MS Edge to post this message!]


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I've found Firefox to be ok when it's working, but a buggy mess when it trips over itself. And that happens too frequently for me. Try working through these steps and hopefully one of them will fix it.


I find chrome is fine, but my system has no issues with it being a bit resource hungry.


Opera is another option that you may find works for you.


And Microsoft have finally accepted that they cannot build a browser and are swapping out EdgeHTML for Chromium's Blink engine.

Be nice for them to finally stop creating their own HTML rules, (He says remembering the joy of IE6 coded pages)......

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I typically use 3 broswers for different things... IE11, Chrome, and Firefox.  I have found that what ShipsCat said seems to work for Firefox is what I would do first as it's quick. 


BTW, Chrome is for MSW pretty much exclusively for me and some other sites.  Firefox is used for some other sites.  My fallback is IE11 just in case nothing else works.

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