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The Golden Swan by Cuda1949 - based on the 1588 English Galleon - Bottle

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Starting a new build The Golden Swan based om the 1588 English Galleon as pictured in Wolfram Zu Mondfeld book "Historic Ship Models" The hull is carved from

sourwood. Usually I use Holly but wanted to try a different wood.  The deck will be spit from the hull so the ship will be in two pieces so it can be placed in the bottle when done. I am building in between sessions with my Cutty Sark that I am also building.20190316_111019.thumb.jpg.8d3918d95419bc6fabe63a42bfc11dbb.jpgimageproxy.php?img=&key=8f45093723bba17520190316_111032.thumb.jpg.0b090411b031b299f99edc6c55b1b395.jpgimageproxy.php?img=&key=8f45093723bba17520190324_170139.thumb.jpg.4579111c62fa58afed262ec8314427ea.jpg20190324_170145.thumb.jpg.9bf5ab7e26ddf34ef7fa1abb03605407.jpg

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A short update I have added both forward and rear decks painted the decks and drilled holes for the masts. The rear decks will come apart from the main hull so I can get the ship into a gallon bottle. Next step is adding the planking. I have decided to stain the planks a dark walnut.





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