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New here and ring stuck in ship

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Hello everyone, I am new here and want to ask for help with a snafu.

Earlier today, my wedding band fell into the hold of my prized model ship and I can't reach it. Does anyone have any ideas for how to get it out without damaging the ship and without shaking or flipping it? Any advice would be much appreciated. Feel free to shoot me a message at xxx-xxx-xxxx as I am not on the computer often.


Moderator note:  Remove telephone number as this site (just about every site on the web) is often scanned by Google and others.  Some with less than charitable or honorable intentions.

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Not an easy task, without a picture or two showing access to the hold...


My best guess for a start, is a piece of small gauge wire, that is fairly rigid..

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Try your local auto parts store and ask for a flexible mechanical parts retriever.  They come in two types, one is magnetic, the other has a set of claws you work with your thumb.  Some even have lights.  I have one that is 1/4" in diameter that I have used many time in retrieving stuff I dropped into tight, enclosed areas.


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