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A new old start

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Well after a 20+ year break getting back into it, Many moons ago bought the Rattlesnake and then life put the project on pause, last April I got hurt at work and have been sitting around the house well one day pulled the box down and started. The Dr says its great thearpy but its hard to sit for any length of time. I have found this site very informative and I see the mistakes I have been making but they say you learn from your mistakes. I have found a deal on e-bay I couldnt pass up I got an AL Constellation which I hope to do a build log on.

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5 hours ago, kurtvd19 said:

Welcome to MSW Firedog.  This is the place to be to learn modeling.  Hard to ask a question that somebody doesn't have the answer to.


You say you got hurt on the job - with your user name Firedog are you a firefighter?




You are correct, 5213 was my badge number suffered a fractured back in 2 places broke my heel in 5 places and almost cut my nose off, finally had surgery on my nose (nasal valve collapse) and have to have surgery on my heel again 


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There are no words one has to recognize what you and others do in the line of duty. Having had a family member who was in the city fire department I am aware of what you and he have done! Thank you. Mending is the most important thing you can do. The body is an amazing machine.


 I am a returning modeler as well. When you get started the advice I have learned from others is to proceed slowly, accept that you will make mistakes and don't be afraid to do over. If you live in an area that has ship modelers do join when you can. If not put a post on the this site in the section that lists club activities etc. Also The Nautical Research Guild kindly supplied me with members in and around my area. We started with about 7 people and now we are about double that.



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Ouch!  Sounds like the back is a problem - probably can't sit too long, stand too long or walk too long. 


I am a retired Chief of Fire Prevention.  I was given the option of duty disability retirement or taking over the Fire Prevention Bureau following my getting my back and neck totally screwed up when a commercial garage door came down on my shoulders and back of my neck and compacted me into an 18-inch space.  The hospital staff couldn't believe that I didn't have any broken bones when the ambulance crew told them what happened - I swear I glowed in the dark from so many xrays!  All muscle and nerve damage.


After two years of therapy they ruled no more firefighting.  So I served another 12 years as Bureau Chief and retired two days short of my 50th birthday.  3rd generation Chief - my mothers Father and my Dad were both Chief of the Volunteer department where I still live.  I went next town over as it was full time and there are still only a handful of full timers here in town.


What broke my cycle of pain was acupuncture.  Had a bad headache and severe neck and back pain - almost constant.  If was several years after the injury but the city insurance admin (a duty disabled cop) told me to try the acupuncturist who helped him.  It wasn't overnight relief, but it eventually got so that I can get through most days w/o too much pain - it can't fix the underlying problems, but it sure helps.


I hope you continue to mend and time helps with the discomfort/pain.


Take care,



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Wishing you a speedy recovery, Firedog. Embracing a hobby and falling quite in love with that hobby can help work miracles. My cancer diagnosis in 2013 near broke us, but reading, good music and lots of model-making took the sting out a good bit.


Looking forward to your contributions, sir.


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