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Against the against...

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Hello modelshipbuilders! I posted these sentences at the FBgroup Grumpy old scale modelers as it seems in there wife often dislike our hobby as some timeconsuming nonsence far away from their orcus.

So let us start to involve your partners into the decisions you make. Ask her and find out what she really thinks about it. Typically these girls all know the differences between a light greyish green and a too greenish grey in any question about clothing. So catch their sensetive side and win a critical consultant. Than modelbuilding isn't any longer a boring timeconsumer to her - keep in asking for her opinion. 


Questions do span a bridge about the canyon of misunderstanding.


Take care.


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As the sales-camel always talks first...

I personally asked her due a question about what could I place into my pictures instead of some boring ©-sign and name. So she looked on my avatar and started to smile. Than she collected some black pipecleaners and other stuff left by the children,



building my shipscat while I was drawing at my stand.


That's my story... what do you think?

Edited by Heinrich der Seefahrer
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