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ROYAL CAROLINE 1749 by Jeronimo - FINISHED -1/48 scale

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Hello model building friends.


Built-in brass covering nails degreased with cotton swabs and acetone,

painted with solvend-based wood glaze paint,

taking the drying time into account between each application of paint.


The result looks pretty good in my opinion.





Eingebaute Messing-Belegnägel mit Wattestäbchen und Aceton entfettet,

mit lösemittelhaltige Holz-Lasurfarbe zweimal bemalt,

zwischen jedem Farbauftrag die Trockenzeit beachtet.


Das Ergebnis sieht meiner Meinung nach ganz gut aus.





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Thank you for the kind comments.



Rudder system and various railings installed.

I saved the most difficult section, the bow section, 

at the end.

I will not install the cannons on this model,

but the eight gun-carriages (Lafette) are mounted.





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Completion of the model.


During the construction report, I did without explanation  / working methods etc. ,

because I thing the photos say more than a lot of words.

All pictures during the construction phase can also be seen on my hompage.


Many thanks to Mike for helping with the construction of the frames.

Thanks again to everyone for the kind comments and likes.




Part 26 / Finish



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Incredible model, this ship is a beautiful vessel. Another museum quality project you have built. Looking at the plan pictures that you provided, I find it interesting that there is no post with cradles between the forward mast bitts and those hatches in the deck that would have helped support the polls that held up the lifeboat. Perhaps those cradles are built on the forecastle deck instead.

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