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What hitch to use on a rail?

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Ahoy Mates


I am working on my Amati Nina 1/65 and need to find out what hitch or knot to use for the lashing lines of the deadeyes for the shrouds on this 1492 ship?


It has rails on the bulwarks with some cleats,but the lines for the deadeyes are tied around the rails which are mostly without an open end close to use them like a cleat. 

I have not been able to find anything about hitching lines to a rail. Here's photos of my Nina with the lashing lines going down from the upper deadeye to thru the deck eye bolt for the lower deadeye,and then up and over the side with tape holding the ends.  You can see the rails that have space behind them inbetween the frames.

I am sure Pickels would have know,but he's busy building in Heaven now. Next month I am going to get a new supervisor in the Shipyard to train in his place.


Thanks Keith

shrouds done!!! 4-30-2019 005.JPG

shrouds done!!! 4-30-2019 002.JPG

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I don't think that in a real ship you can hitch a shroud to a rail, without the use of any clamps of pins.

So, I guess there is no 'real' answer to your question. You can check how these lines were belayed (most probably) bijy looking at the way it is done in Mediterranean  ships, like Tartanes and Chebeques. Those ships have a toggle set in the line just below the lower block on which the line is belayed. (like the one you have above the blocks).

(in your case I would go for a half hitch (with the hitch actually between the rail and the ships hull.)


Nice model btw :)




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I gather you are talking about the running part ? You would need a hitch that can be tied while keeping the running part taut. As Jan said, a half-hitch with another one for security on top may go, or a clove-hitch - which would be my preferred solution, as it can be slowly untied while still keeping its stopping capability.


Nevertheless, some research into how thing are done on mediterranean ships would be warranted.

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