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I have been contacted about a partial built model that dates from the mid-30's.  The information given is: "A 32" wooden sailing ship hull, including some rigging. The model was probably started in the early to mid thirties by my dad's best friend. Probably not completed because of WWII. Given to the individual in the early 60's. Other than a feeble attempt, nothing has been done with it for 55+ years".


It looks like a 24-gun, possible a frigate, solid hull. Since it dates to the early, mid-30's there were few model ship kit makers so does anyone know of either a kit that was available back then or is this a model started from Popular Science/Mechanic plans run in their magazine? Can anyone help in solving this mystery?


R. Gedden Donate Model.JPG

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This is interesting!  First of all it is obviously a warship.  The round stern excludes ships from the war of 1812 period.  I would hazard a guess that it is a mid 19 th Century sloop of war.  Possibly one of the large sloops that served throughout the Civil War.  You do not say if the hull includes a propeller aperature.  If so, the modeler might have been trying to replicate USS Hartford.  AJ Fisher used to offer a USS Hartford kit.  They were bought by one of the current American model companies but the last time that I looked they were on the web.



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If you are looking for plans to complete it, you could try looking through the National Maritime Collection Greenwich England site. You probably won't find the exact plans but you may find plans close enough to go on.

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