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18th Century Armed Longboat by Sea Hoss - Model Shipways - 1:24 Scale

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Hey Arthur, sorry for the delay getting back to you... been busy. Good to see you back on board. The stain is actually a mixture of Minwax Golden Pecan and Dark Walnut. The Golden Pecan looked a little light to me so I just dripped a couple spoons of the Dark Walnut until I liked it. I kind of went off the rails in my vision of the boat, but I like it! Hope to see more progress on yours.

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More completed on the longboat. Model Expo came through with the proper sheet of 3/32"basswood so I could get back to following along with the instructions. They are so good about replacing wrong or damaged parts. So I did the cap rails, added all the knees and gun mounts. Put on oarlock mount and oarlocks (still need to adjust the height of them to be even). While waiting for the cap rail, I fabbed the mast, boom, gaff and bow sprit. Now began with paint, molding strips and will be painting the rest of the hull white with a thin black water line.

42- checking mast for fit.jpg

47- Painting.jpg

46- Stern knees and thwart knees ready.jpg

45- oarlock mounts.jpg

44- cap rails on.jpg

43- Cap rails.jpg

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More work to post!  First, painted the entire hull white as planned. Didn't like that so much...too white! Put on black waterline then went with light grey from the waterline down. I like that way better. Then I glued on the rub rail. I formed a different profile on it than on the prototype. Next came the completion of the rudder and mounting hardware. The horse was also made and waiting to be glued during the rigging process.




51-Went with light grey.jpg

50-Trying out the windlass.jpg

49- Rudder and tiller added.jpg

48-White with waterline.jpg

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More accomplished on the longboat...Began the rigging. Got the shrouds and fore stay rigged. I opted for the method of using hooks to connect the shroud dead eyes. The same way Dr PS and Arthur Wayne did theirs. Looks more "believable" to me. Still have some finish-up on these before I rig the back stays. 


55-Rigging started.jpg


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Really looking good. Your heading down the last stretch. I found the final steps as tedious and somewhat time consuming. Have you ever wondered how many builders throw in the towel at this point???  I encourage you to keep up the good work. 😎


I really like your knot board on the wall. Did you make it and do you refer to it?

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Hey all, Ya Paul I always finish! Also, yes the rigging and fiddly stuff can be annoying so I just take it slow. One bit at a time. The knot board was a gift. My family has always been nautical types. The Navy, private boats, 100 ton captains etc. The knots on the board are daunting. I only use the basics however.... More to post on the Longboat...Back stays and bow sprit. Going to do the bow sprit stay later on then the standing rigging will be done.

58- bow sprit.jpg






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Got a lot done on the running rigging. Boom and gaff attached, Have the hook blocks made and ready for the jib and stay sail halyards, just waiting for the rigging lines to dry after applying the glue/water mixture to get the kinks out and stiffen them. Put on some rope coils on the belaying pins. I had to fab those as the kit ones looked too small and almost fell through the laser cut holes on the mast support. Just carved them from a 1/8th dowel. Probably have all the running rig done today. Think I'll apply the fancy side decorations tonight ( been suppressing the urge to put them on for a while). I think I'll scuff them up a bit with 00 steel wool first to knock down some of the shine. Not much left on her now, guns, oars, touch ups on the paint etc. build a stand or cradle, might just use the kit supplied cradle, maybe. I want to get a flag for it too. Maybe a Gadson flag, (Don't tread on me). I think I have one of those around here somewhere. Anybody know who may supply decent quality scaled flags? My mind is already thinking of the next build! Must ponder that for a while. I do have a funky solid hull USS Essex to fart around with. Probably post again tomorrow. Thanks for looking.






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More done on my Longboat, bright work to be exact. Did look her over for touch ups on the paint etc. Applied the brass do-dads, like the look. Toned them down a bit with scuffing and coat of Polycrylic clear satin. So, now I go to the Little Growlers (swivel guns and cannon).  Will work on the oars here and there (tedious but part of the package). I'm really thinking of what's next! I'm a ship model addict! When possible I will do The Winchelsea, Can't afford that yet though. Squeezing all the fun out of this one now... Ya you know!








76-well used boat.jpg

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Thanks for the generous comments...Mike, I wrestled with the question of where to position the horse/traveler and tiller for a while. The instructions placed the combo as they are and I did look for the proper arrangement. If I was the sailor who had to operate the boat, I would have the horse over the tiller. There is plenty of discussion concerning this placement but I ultimately went with the kit suggested arrangement.

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Thanks Arthur... I've been watching your "Philly Gun Boat" build, nice! I have an old MS solid hull kit from the 50's that I bought on Ebay for $15. There are some missing parts and someone began the model somewhere along the line. I plan on just doing a generic frigate half hull mounted on a nice chunk of wood. In the meantime I'll decide what to build next. There's so many I like though!

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