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I recently received the Mamoli Sao Miguel kit as a present and as I was looking thru and reading the instructions I noticed that there is no instructions as to the planking of the hull. There is no mention of cutting a rabbet or how to start with the garboard. I'm reaching out to all the members here to help me begin to plank the hull properly. I'm currently working on my first ship by model shipways so I'm a bit in the dark on a Mamoli kit.


This kit looks like a fun one to build and I got it from my son so I want to build it for him


Thanks to all in advance for any help received



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Looking at your Syren and Bounty launch logs, it would appear you have a great start on your planking skills, and have

relied on the detailed instructions provided with most ModelExpo kits.


The Mamoli kits never include detailed planking instructions, only illustrations of how it should look.

My search did not turn up any builds for this particular kit here at MSW, however your best bet is to look at some of the many Mamoli build logs and see how other members worked with these kits.


Some logs are more detailed than others regarding the first layer of planking, but you should be able to extrapolate from the many logs and develop a plan of your own.

Here is the results of a search I put together:  Mamoli Build Logs

One of my favorites is this Yacht Mary build by Mike Dowling.

He provides some pretty detailed first planking procedures.


Think of the first planking as the creation of a solid hull, to which you will add veneer to create  the planking look you achieved with your Syren.





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