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Tender AVOS by Peta_V - Master Korabel - scale 1/72 (exclusive kit)

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Thanks a lot! 


Only small progress. I have added tackle of jib halyard and jib downhaul. I thought I make it more interesting and Mark the running of the rope in the photo. Let me know if you find it interesting, I could do other ropes too. It is getting pretty crowded around the mast (I like that) 


Jib halyard = blue

It goes from the eye on the deck next to the mast up to the mast head through 3 blocks back down to the bitt on the deck. There is the tackle coming from the eye on the deck. 


Jib downhaul = Red 

Goes from top of the stem through the block on the Block attached to the jib halyard to the the deck. 











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On 12/10/2019 at 12:16 PM, Peta_V said:

@yvesvidal thanks a lot Yves. I really appreciate your encouragement! And thanks also for all the likes guys! Ratlines will go slowly but I finish them. There are only few!


Unfortunately I found bigger issue. The topsail is sawn pretty asymetricaly. Here it is in Comparision with the template. 


And here is the diference once you put it on the topsail yard. 


As you can see it is quite huge and will do the mess on the spreadsail yard so I can't use it. 

I was thinking of doing my own sail but it will look different from others.

I guess I will try to contact MK. 


You could furl the sail or clew it. It doesn't have to be spread out. I think I would. Just an idea...

For the rest, I absolutely admire your work. Very inspiring (and jealousmaking). Thumbs up!

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@Dutchman first of all thaks a lot!


Second, for me this was not an option anymore! I have/had a picture before my eyes how it should look like and it is with spread sails. I will be adding ti it the finish that it is full wind. And furl the top sail will not work. Building this kit was so much fun so far and the treat what MK gave me was exceptional! Best kit!! 

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Greetings in the new year friends! 


I did not touch AVOS over the Xmas eve. My 3 childern kept me busy enough :D but had a great time with family!


So the only update would be....... New replacement sail has arrived from MK (thanks a lot), I have managed to remove the Bolt rope so sail is ready to be rigged. 



Happy New Year to ALL of you and let's finish AVOS!!! 


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Happy New Year to you too!!! All the best to you and all your familly and friends!!!

Somewhere in your post you mantioned that you`ll be glad if you make somebody start in this wonderfull hobby, well I`ll let you know that you and this beautiful model you`re making(I`m definatlly going to find it and make it my first wooden ship), and all the great modellers on this great site made me take out my old plastic Tirpitz and start working on her again. Thank You!

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Working on the topsail. I have attached the sail to the yard and added al the ropesIMG_20200113_225801.thumb.jpg.0b6bc7fd1e8dee23eab4dec980db10b7.jpg

Next I put the assembly on the ship and run the ropes through all the blocks 


Next step woul be set the yards to correct position and fix the running rigging on the deck

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I was cleaning up the deck and securing the position of the spreadsail yard. I thought it would be Quick and easy task but I had hard times to secure the correct position of the yard. Also attaching ropes to the belaying pins is pretty difficult as the deck is quite full. 







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Thank you Yves. I'm glad you guys like it! 


Progressing further..... Topsail yard and topsail secured in place......... Jib topsail installed......... 2nd round of cleaning the deck (finaly after long timeis my deck without ropes) 


Here are some details of "busy" belaying points:


And the overview 


I pimp a little my photo area


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@greenstone it is not finished yet. I did not put the pumps and chimney as I did not want to demage it during rigging. There are still some items to finish but it is not a lot. 

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Hi guys,


perhaps someone could help me. I'm thinking about the flags for AVOS. There is only one flag of the Russian-American Company in the kit.



but there are more places for the flags on the ship. On the top mast, on the gaff and there is also a flagstaff at the stern. I wonder if I can attach more flags? Would it be OK or completely wrong to put there for example russian naval flag like it is for example on Phoenix?



thanks for the advice!!!!


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31 minutes ago, Peta_V said:

Would it be OK or completely wrong to put there for example russian naval flag like it is for example on Phoenix?

I would think it is wrong, as the AVOS was a civilian boat. 



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"Novo Arkangelsk (New Archangel)" Drawn by the Creole Aleksandr Olgin in July, 1837


As you can see on the ships of the Russian-American company had its own flag.

Yes, this picture was painted in 1837, when the Avos tender was long gone.
Despite this, the artist drew our tender. So at least it is considered. 😎
Yes, there are many questions to this watercolor... This is not a drawing. This is an image only.


But we liked it and we decided to place the company flag as shown in this figure

And we have provided three options for the modeler. Peta has already said this.
The modeller has the right to choose where to place the flag.





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Emperor Alexander 1 officially approved the flag of the RA company on September 28 (October 10), 1806.

Here is a copy of the order with a sample flag from 1806


As we know, the  tender "Avos" was built before, in the summer of that year.
  It is possible that at first time (several months or half a year) the tender was flagged Russian Navy flag

But most tine  the  tender "Avos" had the flag of the RAC

The flag of the Russian-American company (RAC) is part of the great common history of Russia and the United States, a unique history of the development of Alaska!!!

It was a period of discovering new lands, conquering new horizons, and a time of great friendship between Russia and the United States.


That's why we decided to put this flag in the box.

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@greenstone thanks a lot for the info.

I was not questioning the RAC flag. I will defenitely use it on AVOS. My question was more if it can/should be acompanied by another flag or pennant perhaps. As there are more places for the flag I was thinking (just an example now....put RAC flag on the stern flagstaff and on the topmast some pennant). But I do not want to do any non-sense combination that is why I was asking. If there should be only RAC flag I use only this one. Thank you!

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No pennant on the topmast.

Tender "Avos" was the second ship in the squad (three-masted ship "Juno" and tender "Avos").

She was not supposed to pennant.

Only the three-masted ship "Juno"  could carry the pennant as the leader in the squad of ships


There were signal flags on any ship. Can add them

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