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Thanks everyone - ASAT - this approach is not mine - I imitated many French Builder's use of color/wood tones - if you have Frolichs book, "The Art of Shipmodeling" you'll see my reference. 7 years as of Thanksgiving this year on this build  - lately I've been up in the shop at 5am and working till 7am until the kids get up - seems to be working...

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The colours are incredible! You made me change my mind and go with pear planking above the wales :)

Really love the black parts as well, you mentioned it is a Fiebings dyed swiss pear, but what finish do you use on top of it to seal the dye? As I understand, it would mar if not finished in top?

Truly looking forward for the next build! 

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Hey Group,


Bit of an update - Ive been plugging away on the head for the past month - this by far is the most challenging part of this build.  Im very happy with my new Dewalt Scroll Saw, Spindle Sander and Byrnes Sander - it made reproducing these parts a snap and believe me I went thru a lot of scraps to get here.  


I could tinker with this area forever - but I really want to finish up the other side (the head timbers are installed and notched for the middle rail) and proceed with wrapping up this build.




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