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Thanks for the likes and comments everyone....


After almost 8 years of construction this should be my last update before finished pictures.  The first shot shows the hull with the dummy masts temporarily placed.They still need gammoning and cleats.  The black board will be her display base - Im waiting for the pedestals Im having machined for me here locally.  


The second shot shows the bowsprit - which still needs to be mounted, rigged and small parts added.  


The third shot are the toilets - for some reason the ones by the roundhouse proved very tricky and took me the better part of a week to get right - there are many angles here to take into account.


And finally the last parts - the anchors in very rough shape, the knightsheads and the boomkins which still need to be shaped.  I also am making some repairs to the rudder.   




Last Parts.JPG

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Congratulations Chris, your Confederacy has a certain character about her as a result of your skill, determination, and patience. This log is definitely on

my reference list while my Confederacy is under construction. Your ship is, in deed, a true inspiration.

Regards, Harley


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Thanks for the comments everyone - its been a long journey that started back in 2009.  At the time I was thinking of kit bashing a newly issued Model Expo licensed version of the Vanguard right when Chuck was making his initials prototype of the Confederacy.  Thanks to his encouragement I decided to go for a scratch build.  At the time I only owned a Preac Table Saw and a newly purchased crappy Delta Scroll Saw.  I was dating my now wife and had more time to work on the model than the past 4 years after the twins arrived.  Thanks to Jeff, and the now closed Hobby Mill, I had nice timber to work with at perfect dimensions.  And along with Rusty and Knightyo - we built along with Chuck - of course Rusty  finished his beautiful model first....  As many who read my original log which was lost in the crash of MSW Version 1 - I wanted to quit so many times out of frustration and being a "perfectionist" which I've learned is in the eye of the beholder more than anyone else. Seasoned pros such as Keith Harrison (Jack Nastyface), Greg Hebert, Druxey, Gaetan, and of course Chuck kept me in the game.  And I have learned a ton....


I love this hobby, this forum, the exchange of ideas and most of all encouragement it offers all of us.  


As to my next project - I have vacillated so many times, Ive considered Le Gros Ventre in 1/36th, Swan Class Model in 1/48 and Le Commerce de Marseille in 1/48.  If it were up to the twins I would be finishing Wappen Von Hamburg - because it looks like a pirate ship and has "bad guy sculptures on it"  That model is sentimental to me and I will finish it maybe sooner or later - who knows.   


For me the dream project has always been a 74 in 1/48 - I possess the most documentation on that vessel thanks to the books authored by Boudriot.   Many of you may have seen the pearwood I purchased earlier this year.  According to the wood dealer it may be from the Versailles region of France - whether is is or isn't - the wood milled really well and is standing by.  


I'm fortunate enough now to have a dream workshop with some pretty nice tools - of course nowhere near as nice as Gaetan's....And yes hopefully inside of two weeks Confederacy will be mounted on something else other than MDF !


To be continued....



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Thanks Steve !


Good morning group - bit of an update without pictures this AM.  My brass pedestals arrived and look great - however after testing them out on my recently painted display base after some slight adjustment - they marred the finish.  Im using General Finishes Lamp Black Milk paint - which I found out in hindsight needs 30-45 days to fully cure - so after re coating the top - I've set it aside and am finishing the final assemblies.  


The knightheads are proving trickier than I thought to get right.  Being so close to the finish line  I was tempted to use the second set - but I know the third will be better - so why compromise now ?  Especially now that Ive got some time on my hands while the display base cures....

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After almost 8 years of construction, a marriage and birth of twins - she is mounted on pedestals and awaits the anchors. It was kind of a surreal moment this AM - by far the longest/most satisfying  build I've ever completed. I should have the finished photos posted by next weekend.  


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Greetings Chris, I fortunately found your log and your project is truly inspiring. My Confederacy is under construction (Just one year). Your choice of finishes is excellent and in line

with what I have been planning to use. It's very helpful for me to see a  great example of stain selections that you used.

Thanks for sharing, great photography also.

Cheers, Harley

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Appreciate the comments gang !  I promise I'm not trying to tease about the photos....


I am toying with the idea of simply placing the anchors on the display base near the bow.  With them lashed to the hull it sort of breaks up the beautiful lines of the vessel (the same reason I decided against building ships boats for this one - I think if she was masted would probably be a different story).  Ill take photos both ways and get some feedback from you guys.   

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Put a pin in this one - Confederacy is completed !  I wrapped it up earlier this week than  I thought this evening - here are the latest photos.  I think the area I want to improve the most with the next build is metal work - my anchor bands look a bit chunky.  Johann is an inspiration in that area.  But overall very satisfied with the build and the enjoyment it gave me over the last 8 years.  Thanks again for all of the support/encouragement and comments.  And thank you Chuck for second to none plans and guidance with this build.  

Finished 1.JPG

Finished 2.JPG

Finished 3.JPG

Finished 4.JPG

Finished 5.JPG

Finished 6.JPG

Finished 7.JPG

Finished 8.JPG

Finished 9.JPG

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Congratulations this is a wonderful subject and you really brought out the beauty of her lines.  I like the final position of the anchors.  Simple and effective placement.


Are you going to case her and if so are you going to build it yourself or purchase something?  Most important question on finishing up a build is what's next?



(need to learn how to take excellent photos like yours)

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Thanks Michael and Mark - both of those questions will be answered soon.  Im a big fan of photographing your model - thats how I noticed a molding off the quarter gallery in the second shot crooked - its fixed.  I really have issues with CA and won't use it on future builds unless absolutely necessary.  I may have a second go at those anchor bands this weekend - they are an eyesore to me - cutting them thinner would make a big difference and not an issue to re rig them to the knightsheads.  

Finished 10.JPG

Edited by ChrisLBren
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Thanks so much for the flattering comments gents.  


Here's a close up of the anchor and its bands - should this be re worked with thinner/narrower metal or even artist tape painted ?  I feel like they look clunky - but then again maybe Ive been staring at them too long.  Any tips feedback is appreciated.  

Anchor Band.JPG

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Well done Chris. It's been a pleasure to follow along with you!


As far as the bands go the metal looks good to me. I think the deciding factor could be

are they correct size scale wise? If they are I'd be happy with them.

If not it doesn't hurt to give them another go.


Either way excellent job!

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Fantastic model! It has a pretty unique wood / coloring scheme, which makes it look very soft and cozy. Looking on it gives some warm feeling... You can use it instead of a fireplace to add an atmosphere to your living room! :)

Wonder how your display case will look like to compliment the colour style of the model.

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Thanks guys - just like anything with this hobby - you fixate on certain "elements" during construction - always the most recents ones.  With a little perspective/time away -  those "elements" tend to blend into the background.  The bands stay as is.  This one is FINISHED.  Per Gaetan's advice I will shoot some photos on a black background for the finished model section.  


I have two more pressing decisions - a display case and the next build....

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