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Royal Caroline by Katsumoto - Panart / Mantua - Scale 1:47

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***Royal Caroline 1749 - Panart / Mantua Models***


Hello my friends!!

It has been a while, a few months actually after completing my Santa Maria project. It was a joy to build and a honour to receive all those warm responses! I hope not to let you guys / galls down with this new project! 

During my absense I moved to a new house and I have been busy to make it a home. My last house was a temp. rental and the place had limited space. Due to the limited space I had to build my SM in the kitchen at the kitchentable. 
Our new house has enough space to have my own buildingplace, but I desided not to move to a seperate room. I liked working in the kitchen which is close to my family members in the house and so I'm not so isolated. Having small kids, this suits my family best.
I do not use powertools, so I can easily clean up my workplace after working on the ship. 

What to choose...
So, I had some difficulties to make a choice of a model for my next project. I narrowed my search to go for an Italian manufacturer like Amati, Corel or Mantua / Sergal / Panart, Euromodel. I had a specific budget for my next model as well, so that narrowed my search again. At last I desided to go for a English, Dutch or French 17th or 18th century. By this a few model ships were left on the list and I choose Royal Caroline of Panart, which is part of Mantua Models.





The history of HMY Royal Caroline 1750

HMY Royal Caroline was a ship-rigged royal yacht. She was ordered in 1749 to replace HMY Carolina as Britain's principal royal yacht. She was built at Deptford Dockyard under the supervision of Master Shipwright John Hollond to a design by Surveyor of the Navy Joseph Allin. She was launched on 29 January 1750 and was broken up 70 years later, in 1820.



Royal Caroline was first commissioned under Captain Sir Charles Molloy, who commanded her until 1753. Captain Sir Piercy Brett took over in 1754, and in August 1761 she became the flagship of Admiral of the Fleet Lord Anson, with Captain Peter Denis as his flag-captain. Anson had orders to convey Duchess Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz from Cuxhaven, Kiel to marry George III. Accompanying the yacht, renamed HMY Royal Charlotte in honour of the occasion, was a squadron of warships and four other royal yachts, HMY Mary, Katherine, Augusta and Fubbs. During the return voyage the squadron was three times blown over to the Norwegian coast by westerly gales and took ten days to reach Harwich, which it did on 6 September 1761.

Royal Charlotte was commissioned under Peter Denis in December 1763, and remained under his command until 1770. Denis was succeeded by Captain John Campbell that year, and Campbell remained in command until his promotion to rear-admiral in 1777.[1] Royal Charlotte was recommissioned under Captain William Cornwallis in March 1783, and he was succeeded in turn by Captain Sir Hyde Parker in 1788. The yacht was briefly recommissioned in December 1792, but was paid off the following year.


French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars

She continued to be used for official occasions during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, with King George III making frequent trips in his yachts to welcome returning fleets and to conduct fleet reviews. The King embarked on Royal Charlotte in 1797 to visit the fleet at the Nore after the Battle of Camperdown, in order to honour Admiral Adam Duncan. Contrary winds however prevented the ship from reaching the mouth of the Thames, and instead the King was blown back up river to Greenwich. Royal Charlotte recommissioned again in May 1801 under Captain Sir Harry Neale, though by February 1804 Captain George Grey was in command. Grey was succeeded later in 1804 by Captain George Henry Towry, and he in turn in 1805 by Captain Edward Foote. By this time Royal Charlotte had been succeeded as the principal royal yacht by the introduction of the slightly larger HMY Royal Sovereign in 1804. Captain Foote commanded the yacht until 1812, when Captain Thomas Eyles took over command, and in June 1814 Captain George Scott became her commander. Royal Charlotte continued in service until July 1820, when she was finally broken up.


source: Wikipedia

The ins and outs of the box
The box itself is made of cardboard. The typical standard in boxland. Shape of the box is long and narrow to hold wooden and metal parts. The boxart and artistic layout of colorfull images on the box scream "buy me and build me" Also a common standard in boxland!







Everthing is neatly organized and sealed. The small ornaments and metal parts does look very good.








After a look at the drawings however I recognize the Italian "style" of organized "chaos"....






I will have a handfull on the poor drawings and poor instructions....




So, the wood looks nice doh...




The pre-cut laser parts look good as well....just make sure I'll sand off the burn of the laser for a good fix between the wooden parts....








In a nutshell does the kit look very promising and a joy to build for sure. I'm not sure about some details, alternations and colorscheme yet, but this will become clear during my log of this build.

Technical specifications and size

Lengte: 830 mm
Hoogte: 600 mm
Schaal: 1:47
Part no: MM750



The build begins!

Sheet 1 figure 1: it begins, bulkheads and "false" keel
To start the build, first I have to number all the bulkhead parts and also the false keel. Preperation is everything they say...




After numbering the parts, It's time to release them from their imprisonment!




To clean up the parts, I use a 80grid sandpaper to sand off the burn of the laser.



It's time to try a dry-fit of the parts. And I was very impressed with the overall fit of the parts. It didn't need to much adjustment at all and all fitted nicely.





After this I will glue the parts into place, but that will be for the next update. The log and build has started and I hope you guys will follow me allong the way.

See yah!


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Well, regarding plans and instructions, the good news is that this kit is popular and well-represented by build logs, which should be of good use to you. It appears that Panart have taken some pains to modernize the kit. The laser cutting and engraving looks pretty good. Looks like the castings could still use some work, though.


Best of luck on your project!

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Hi Katsumoto, congrats to the new ship. I will for sure follow your progress! If you'd be interested I can share some aternative plans and sources. But I'm warning you, it will make the build much more frustrating :D But since you Just starting it could be easier then in my case get the plans in the middle of the build. 

Good luck and have fun! It is a good kit and nice ship! 

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Hi guys,


It's time to show some progress on the Royal Caroline. But first I'll change my index of my log. I want to keep the chapters in line with the plans of the ship. 

Sheet 1 - Figure 2: gluing the bulkheads

Time to glue the bulkheads onto the keelplate and to keep them straight I'll use Lego blocks.
























It's a wrap for this update, time to relax. Until next time, keep posting! 



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Sheet 1 - Figure 3 - Reinforcements of the hull



G'day mates,

We're off on a rocket start with RC. Today more reinforcements on the hull / preperation for the false deck. 





Sheet 1 - Figure 4
The following picture shows some reinforcement plates that really give the construction some strength. 







Sheet 1 - Figure 5
The following pictures shows the false deckbeams to hold the false deck. Again it's the same procedure. Select the needed parts, get them out of the frame and clean up with sandpaper grid 80 before it's placed on the ship.












Well, I'm still struggling with the plans and included manua, it's rubbish!!!l I believe the poor instructions and not having detailed drawings, step by step shown process is a issue most manufacturers lack. Luckily it's not my first ship I've build so I think I'll manage. :)


See yah around and thanks for stopping by!


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15 hours ago, Ondras71 said:



Have a nice building !!! Ondras:)


Thanks Ondras,


You are right, I noticed this earlier and I can fix this when I give the bulkheads their final shape prior the planking stage. However I'm still debating with myself if I place a new keel and stem or use the pre-cut one thats on the ship at this moment.

14 hours ago, Landrotten Highlander said:

Good point @Ondras71 is making.  When I build a kit like that, I make sure the top of the front strengthening piece is situated just underneath the level of the false deck - that usually gives me the correct beard line.

Yup, you are right as well. Thank you Sir! :)




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Hi guys,


Fascinating how this build develops...before I go on with my log, I just want you to know that mistakes are made. It happens, doesn't matter to much if you know how to fix it or accept the mistakes. In this case the same...I couldn't find it what I was looking for on the drawings of the ship so I made a assumption and a decision. Both were wrong... :D


Okay, what happend is that I started with putting the lower pre-cut deck into place. This worked out very well and then I assumed that the kit didn't provided deckplanking by placing wooden veneer strips onto the pre-cut deck. What gave me that idea? Well, check this...It's already pre-fabricated with simulated deckplanks...


Then, I couldn't find any picture in the chaotic drawings that stated this needed strips of woodveneer.....So I made the decision to do place woodveneer strips at this stage of the build.....I shouldn't have done this....


Why? Well....later on in the proces, the supporting parts or upper parts of the bulkheads needs to be cut away! This can only be done when the upper sides of the ship are planked! Then I found a small picture which shown that the deck should be covered with veneer strips following the pattern on the false deck....Oops!!!


So, the following pictures and the continuation of the log was prior of this information..... Okay, I know how to solve this issue and I will do so at the proper time. So you know.... :)


Sheet 1 - figure 6 & 7 placing false deck

I begin with the parts needed for this stage. Again the same proces, as mentioned before. Free parts, clean up and use on the ship. 




The next picture shows the false decks on the ship. At the green arrow, the false deck needs to be flipped and is in a way upside down. I've already changed this on the model, but did not make a picture of it. 






So, here I goes with the mistake mentioned above, to start with the planking proces in this stage of the build. 












I use regular white woodglue. with a bit of glue on the wood I spread it carefully with a brush or my finger to get an even coverage. A nice factor as well is that the glue doesn't spread over the rest of the model while placing the strip on the deck. :)






Continuation of the proces...








First part done, next the other half...





So, the lower deck has been planked. I use a scraping tool to smoothen out the deck. I do not use sandpaper for this proces.






So, this is where I am at this moment. I'll correct my mistake in a later proces by cutting away the strips where the top of the bulkheads are placed.

After removing the top of the bulkheads I'll place some new strips and all should be fine again.


Until next time and thanks for following...


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Very nice job planking the decks! It looks great! 


It looks like those decks were laser etched with where the planks would go.  It would have been nice if they eched where the tops of the bulkheads would be.  I totally would have done exactly the same thing and planked the entire deck.  Glad you figured it out!


Your build looks great!



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Things happen. You will be able to fix that for sure. Looks like you have some updated version of the kit. I'm pretty sure I didn't have that pre-drawn decks Just plywood. 

You are progressing nicely👌

Anyway I would suggest to take off the planking around the ribs now. Once you plank the hull it could be more difficult and you can possibly damage the hull planking. Good luck

Edited by Peta_V
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8 hours ago, Peta_V said:

Things happen. You will be able to fix that for sure. Looks like you have some updated version of the kit. I'm pretty sure I didn't have that pre-drawn decks Just plywood. 

You are progressing nicely👌

Anyway I would suggest to take off the planking around the ribs now. Once you plank the hull it could be more difficult and you can possibly damage the hull planking. Good luck

Thanks for the advice, I will do that. 👍🏻🙂

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32 minutes ago, Wallace said:

It is not at all unusual in a build to take two steps forward and one back Peter. At least you spotted it in time. Nice planking job sir, very neat and scraping is definitely the way to go. It makes for a better finish. 

Yep, it’s an easy fix so it looks like! Thanks for your support Sir! 🙂

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9 hours ago, Peta_V said:

Hi, I have found the link to the czech webpage where you can find the log with my RC build from the very beginning (13years back). The comment are only in czech but there are many photos. Perhaps it could be usefull as a reference...... PetaV


Thanks Peta_V! 👍🏻🙂

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Dutchman... I have just noticed you are building again! This time no explorations... no finding a new world. "A British Royal Yacht"... This time you became an aristocrat!  May be you won the Netherlands lotto. 


I know the panart model... its a dream kit. She is a beauty and I know your work, you ll do a great job.


Am following you. Viel spass.


Edited by MESSIS
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  • 1 year later...

Crazy dutchman great to hear from you. Am parking here on your building log.... anxious to see you making a mess of RC...  😄




Ps. Am sure Peter  that your RC its going to be the same quality level as your S.Maria!


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