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HMS Victory 1805 by DarkAngel - Corel - 1/98

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3 hours ago, Wallace said:

You are marching right along. She's starting to come together nicely. 

Thanks for your kind thoughts as always Mark :) 


I like to work on several things at the same time, glue this... wait to cure, plan something else. It helps break the monotony on a big project by doing little bits at a time... like making prototypes for belaying pins etc...


Having a look at the plan for the Quarterdeck, I found myself wanting more than the Corel had provided. Not accurate to my liking. So I've been studying more real photo's of the HMS Victory and coming up with another scale plan I can use which I'll be happy to share with everyone. So stay tuned for another of my genius plans !


I've worked out by using coffee stirrers, I should have excess walnut 1x5 mm planking, plus I have heaps of vintage Kauri pine I can cut up... plus there's the Beech display board in the kit that can be cut up into suitable bits.


Remodelling plans


  • Quarterdeck section
  • 4x Stairs down to Upper Gun Deck need to be narrower and may try and fit more steps (original has 9 steps !) with brass fittings to hold stantions.
  • grates bigger, funnel fatter and more tapered
  • Main stairs to be a bit wider, and redo wooden ballistrades instead of brass posts currently.
  • Add heaps of eyebolts and rings where required, like behind the Quarterdeck cannons and on the Carronades (with pulleys)
  • Redo Bell housing section with wood instead of card inserts, design change also to look more like original... using Kauri wood or Beech maybe



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I still have that display board sitting in the box too - plenty of wood there to work with for smaller stuff. Your plan sounds goodb I will be away for the next week so I look forward to seeing how you got on once I am back. 

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Quarterdeck Plan


After consideration I think the 'posts' around the Bell housing rail should be 4mm x 4mm... same size as belaying pin rack posts around the mast as these are both used to tie down and loop extra rigging.


Also the forward grate between the mast and the bow appears to have stairs going down from the narrow top side to the Upper Gun Deck below on HMS Victory photo's. 


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On 9/6/2019 at 11:57 PM, DarkAngel said:

Lantern lights

  • Brand:evemodel.
  • Size: It's SMD Led 0402(1.00x0.50mm), The wire is about 20cm(L).
  • Forward voltage:2.8V~3.4V, AC or DC Compatible.
  • Forward current (typ/max): 15mA/20mA.
  • Emitting color: Bright Warm White.
  • Viewing angle:120

      Package included:

  • 20 Pre-soldered with micro litz wired leads Bright White SMD Led 0402.
  • 20 resistors (not pre-soldered) for 9~18V operation.

0.1 mm SMD.png

These arrived :)


Lighting plan for 9v battery 

(9V without resistors needed unless stated below)



  • Wired in series of 3  (min 2.8 v x 3 = 8.4 v @ 15 - 20 ma) which is + to - to + to - to + to -
  • In parallel of 6 sets of 3 = 18 lanterns ( 15 x 6 = 90 ma to 120 ma) which is a series of three connected at the + to another + and - to another - .
  • two LED's wired separately to resistors in pack... (or get another pack of 20 SMD LEDS to add in series of 3's)

just have to find out how many ma are in a 9v battery... may need 2 in parallel (increases amperage but keeps voltage at 9 V output) battery connected + to + and - to -


Crafting Lanterns


To house the tiny SMD LED lights above, I'm going to get some 0.5mm brass 3mm ID tubing to make the 4 mm tall lanterns. I'll make a pattern to cut out, add strips and a 'hat' and then blacken with 'Liver of Sulphur' after superglued together.


Stay tuned for updates on this to come in the next couple of weeks :)

NMRN0240 (2).jpg

Edited by DarkAngel

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Supplies on Order

  • 2.5 mm brass cannon balls (3mm is a bit big as 1:98 scale 12 lb Cannon's and 64 lb Carronades should have approx 2.1 mm cannon balls)
  • Brass tubing ID 3mm x  0.5mm for crafting lanterns
  • 9v rechargeable batteries or lithium 18650 cells ? (Lithium requires new LED schematic to accomodate different voltage output)
  • more 30mm cannons for Quarterdeck (Billings brass 30mm cannons look good in 5 pack) to be cut down for short 12 lb'ers
  • Wire reel pulleys (8mm and 6mm) to add to posts


Edited by DarkAngel

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Here you go sir:
Battery Capacity
Battery Type Capacity (mAh) Typical Drain (mA)
AA 2400 50
AAA 1000 10
N 650 10
9 Volt 500 15
Edited by Wallace

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