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“Felucca with Cadrega” 1759 by Javier Barón - FINISHED - 1:170

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I do not know if it's necessary to explain anything at the beginning of my new project, which I present now although it is already advanced. I say that because the technique I used has been shown repeatedly on the forum and I do not want to repeat it. I support for its construction in the monograph of ANCRE "Felucca N.S, del Rosario" of Franco Fissore. For this reason, I will let the photos be the ones that show the successive stages of the process, and I am available for anyone wishing to ask questions about it.













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I finished the felucca. As I did not do it at the beginning, when I started this topic, I will put a brief introduction to introduce the model.   

The term felucca groups a diversity of small boats present throughout several centuries in the Mediterranean, which possessed sometimes quite different characteristics. The model reproduces a felucca from the Ligurian area of the mid-eighteenth century, based in the department of Porto Mauricio, in the Republic of Genoa, in the year 1759.   

The deck of this felucca presents a strong sheer, with a pronounced cantilever aft, which was called "a cadrega", which could be literally translated as "in saddle". In the main, this type of boat rigged with a latin sail can be considered as a derivative of the xebec, with its own peculiarities that responded to the navigation requirements of a ship of smaller dimensions than that one, and born at the beginning of the XVIII century precisely to be able to elude the attacks of the Berber pirate xebecs.   

The felucca was used both for fishing and for cabotage, changing its rigging as it was dedicated to one or the other purpose. To fish, he built a shorter and stronger yard, able to provide power and resistance to prevent the ship from turning under the wind due to a too long and difficult maneuvering surface. For the cabotage and the navigation with favorable time it prepared some finer yards that could carry larger sails that gave it more speed and allowed the transport of lighter loads.   

The model shows the pavilion of the Serenissima Republic of Genoa (a red cross on a white background) and the pennant of the Vicariate of Porto Mauricio, with four towers on a red background.imageproxy.php?img=&key=8f45093723bba175













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Javier; as usual your craftsmanship is outstanding!!! How the heck can you do all this so quickly?  Have you ever tracked the time it takes to build these incredibly beautiful models?You inspired me to try making one of these (Alghero) and I'm working on my third hull trying to get it right. I don't claim to be a good model maker but perhaps I'll get an acceptable hull by Christmas. Thank you for posting these builds....Moab

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