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This is my first blog anywhere, ever. I joined NRG only a few weeks ago so the vast majority of the build was done prior to that which is why I am not showing the build from the beginning. So I will feel my way through. If anyone has any suggestions, comments or corrections about this model of the schooner "Atlantic" or this blog I would welcome them.


I finished the hull and deck furniture as seen in the photo below.

 All of the deck furniture, cleats etc. were applied with epoxy.


So now I am on to masting & rigging. 😬

Atlantic deck furniture glued 2.jpg

Atlantic deck furniture glued plan view.jpg

Atlantic deck furniture glued.jpg

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Of course it looks good all the way from Germany since I'm in Austin, TX! You can't see my mistakes that far away. Scale: 1/8 inch = 1 foot


Solid hull. The plans are under the model just to be a background for the photos. Nothing more mysterious than that.

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Rigged the topping lift short pendants with blocks at either end around the doubled main mast right above the top.  3 altogether, one for each mast.



Started mast rigging for the "runners". 6 long port & starboard pendants total which will attach down to deck rigging. Stopped one single eye off the model then Rove line through hole drilled through tops & mast. Strop block at other end. Almost done 2 complete, fore & main, one block left to attach for mizzen. Figuring out how to make the strops on the 4.3mm-5/32" blocks to appear seized has been a challenge. 


I have photos of any of this if anyone is interested. In the event no one is then think of the time I saved by not posting them now. 


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On 8/17/2019 at 6:36 PM, jerrynast said:

I have photos of any of this if anyone is interested.

I'd love to see photos of your build of this beautiful boat.

Bob Garcia

"Measure once, cuss twice!"


Current Builds: 

Hms Brig-Sloop Flirt 1782 - Vanguard Models

Pen Duick - Artesania Latina 1:28


Completed: Medway Longboat 1742 - Syren Ship Model Co. 

Member of the Nautical Research Guild




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