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Hi guys

I ordered an old movie and just watched  it 

Its  called  hms defiant  with Alex Guinness  and Dirk Bogart made in 1962 .

I thought it was great but the point is I seen the hammocks   and I thought they all layed down  in the netting  but they were  all vertical  and just looked right hope this helps  someone  as I'm  thinking  of putting  them on my vanguard  build

Cheers snowy 

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Released in the US as Damn the Defiant. Made before CGI, all the ship sequences are miniatures so any MSW members would love this film. Here’s the link dcelent Model Ships in Cinema websit’s take on the film: https://www.modelshipsinthecinema.com/2012/10/hms-defiant-1962-damn-defiant-us-title.html?m=1


and here’s some of the many screen grabs from that article.






 Niagara USS Constitution 


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