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Occre Bounty boat by Karkka - Occre - scale 1:24

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Gidday Robert.

A good idea to begin the build is to dry fit everything, or as much as is practicable.

Read and reread the instructions to gain an idea of the build process and gain some familiarity with the various pieces.

By your pictures you have already begun dry fitting. Remember to ask as many questions as you need to.

Wishing you all the best in your endeavours.


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I could use some help, I´m going to sand down before planking, and it´s really difficult to know when it´s enough. I have tried with one of the plank but it´s still not easy to know. I don't want to sand to much and ruin the model.  How do you guys do it.

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Welcome to MSW.

Your build is looking good and will give you a nice little model when completed.

Like Mark said.. Dry fit everything. Then check it again.


Slowly using sand paper on a block that span's the minimum of 4 ribs. And checking with a plank to get the angles correct.

Do not press to hard on the block or it will damage the ribs/Bulkheads. Like I said Slowly but surely.

Have a look at the link below...If it works.

Fairing the hull and other bits

Regards Antony.

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I´m trying to complete my build. But I ran into some problems. The bulk frame seems not to be in the same height, I have done after the manual when gluing them. Now when I´m about to start planking the hull I dont know what to do. I understand if it´s not going to look as the pitcture, but if someone have some idea how to make it look good it would be great.


The manual says I should put one plank 3 mm down on every frame but it´s not going to work. and if I´m going to later put one plank above it´s not going to touch the frame.


I had one idea to maybe saw of a little but i dont know if some frame are to high or to low.



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