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Focke-Wulf 190D-9 by Jörgen - Eduard 1:48

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Hi all


As I promised so will I start a build logs for the plastic kits also. I will start to finish up my half build kits so you must have patience with this :) First out is this:


It is a nice detailed kit but there is troubles with it for me. The kit is designed to have the gun covers open but I decided to have them closed and this creates fit problems for me. I am also building it straight from the box. The good thing with Eduard ProfiPack is that there are Etch sheets provided.

This is how far I have I have come and the work will continue to fix the covers for the wing cannons.





I also want to share some photos of my work space if you don't mind.  It is in the basement so it is a real "cave" :) Here is the main place:


This is my milling ad sawing station. My children (two dotters 7 and 4 year share my place with me as you can see in the photo :).  


Wood working tools


 My spray both. It is connected to a old ventilation hole in the wall so I get all of the fumes out of the room.


My desk


and my stash of unbuild kits... I have understand that this is quite common for modellers :) It grows faster than I build....



the precious MRP colors


and the unbuild kits


To be continued.


Edited by Jörgen

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Very impressive. Looks very professional. I gather your family must have an easy time trying to figure out what to get you for your birthday. There is always something missing or need in any work shop. I started out building plastic kits before I was a teenager in the 1960s. Would purchase them from the locale mom and pop hobby shop. They had a huge selection of aircraft kits from all over the world. Hundreds. It has changed hands since then and there are only a few kits now that they keep in stock. Talking old times with the present owners they indicated that they only keep a few on the shelves since they can't compete against the internet. In addition, the interest of todays youth switching from building models in the past to video games has had a major impact on the model building hobby.


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your right about that..........I never had a stash,  until I picked the hobby back up in my later years.   you have a nice work space..........I have three tables,  counting my desk :D 


as for my unfinished kits.......let's just say your not alone  ;) 

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3 hours ago, cog said:

Nice work environment, I am quite taken by it. Any preference for a specific paint brand, I see several different ones.

I have samples of many brands but it is only three that I use:


- Vallejo Model color for all hand painting with brush. The color is really good for that.

- Mr Paint (MRP) for airbrushing. This color has totally changed my airbrushing. I can't stand to airbrush with acrylics. It dries up on the needle and it is sensitive against dust. But the MRP work like a dream. I spray in a different way with these colors. Very close and very small air pressure. It takes longer time but I have total control over what I am doing. you will see this later in the log when I get to the painting.

- AK Extreme metal (sometimes MRP) for metal work. This metal color is so easy to spray and you almost every time get perfect results.  

I use MR leveling thinner to all the airbrush work and I prime with Black Mr Finishing surfacer 1500. 

For the panel lines I normally use Flory wash but I will try to use AK panelliners because I want to have more control. 


The eggshell plane in the spray both is painted with vallejo model air because I am learning my oldest daughter to airbrush:) It is little bit safer than the laquers.....



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Thank you for elaborating on the paint subject. I am still experimenting. I found Lifecolor a real pain for the airbrush, but I found it fabulous to paint with a brush. I like the Vallejo for hand painting, and am still using it as airbrush paint besides Tamiya. I have tried Humbrol which sprays quite nice, but found I wasn't comfortable leaving my airbrush in the stand for more than half a minute (it's between the ears I presume)

I would like to give MRP a try, but will have to empty a few bottles first before I start buying paints (again) I liked the result of the Vallejo metal paints, although some of them were not that "metal" chrome., aluminum, and silver do look a lot like eachother. Which brings me to the AK Extreme metal paints. Those seem to be more realistic than any I've seen, so I'll be watching your paint sessions with great interest.

I recently got myself some AK enamels for weathering ship's hulls. The initial result looks not to shabby. The MIG oil brushes work quite nice too and give quite good contol


At what age do you teach your daughter the fine art of airbrushing? I presume it is not the todler on your arm in your avatar!

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Thanks for sharing your experiences and techniques. I'm probably old enough to be your dad but have been learning something each time you post. We don't have time to experiment with all the options so sharing is a great help.

Is your work station always that neat & clean, come on, fess up. That's a great setup.

Looking forward to your next post(s)

Cheers, Harley

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Thank you all for the nice comments. I worked abroad with crazy many travels days until 7 years ago. I never had the time or space to do modeling. But I changed positioning in my company and could then move home and me and my wife bought a small house. Now suddenly I had the space and time to pick up the hobby again. And I think it is the same for many of us, when you go back to the hobby at adult age so is it "all in" :). 

7 hours ago, cog said:


At what age do you teach your daughter the fine art of airbrushing? I presume it is not the todler on your arm in your avatar!


She is seven now and my second is soon 5.  My first daughter was the reason to move home to Sweden again. They grow to fast... :(


I will give you all links to youtybe channels that I follow and they all have learned me so much:

But I must say that the two big "gamechangers" for me is Flory Models and this site. 


Flory Models

Will Pattison

Doogs Models



Andy´s Hobby hedquarters






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