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HMS Pickle by mugje - FINISHED - Caldercraft - 1:64 - first build

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1 hour ago, Dubz said:

I would go even smaller ... the thread will make it bigger again.




Thanks for al your help Dirk. How do you get that line so tight on the mouse? With my efforts it wants to slip off the mouse because the surface is so smooth. And do you just turn a single thread around? Or do you weave it also?

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10 hours ago, SpyGlass said:

Lost track a bit do you still have a warped keel bit ??

Its almost impossible to straighten an MDF one  - ply is juuust possible but not worth the effort.

You are owed a replacement   - ask for it from your supplier

Where are you - in the UK and most countries the supplier is responsible NOT the manufacturer

Yes I did not start with the kit yet. I live in the Netherlands but purchased the kit at Cornwall Model Boats. If that is the case like you said then I 

will send an email to CMB for a replacement. Thanks for tuning in! :)

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10 hours ago, Norway said:

As usual.... Pristine work mugje. 

What did you use for colouring the ratlines?

I diluted some black paint, that worked fine. The only difference with the indian ink is...that diluted paint dries somewhat hard up. And with the ink the line keep more flexibel.


11 hours ago, Blue Pilot said:

Great job!  She looks beautiful. 

Thank you!

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