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L'Hermione by RussR - FINISHED - Artesania Latina - 1/89 Scale

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I started this build July 9, 2018 and finished it July 22, 2019.

I didn't start a build log because I wasn't sure I would finish it. It is sure frustrating when someone starts a log and just walks away without finishing.


This my second build I finished if you count my 18th Century LongBoat 1/48 scale. 


I did take some photos along the way but wasn't as religious about it.


For every ones amusement, here we go. 











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I am now building a glass case for it . But I have to wait on the glass. The locale glass shop was out of 1/8" glass.


My take away from this experience is:

Don't ever build a model that only has a CD for instructions.

Don't build anything smaller than 1/50 scale.

Don't build anything longer than 36 inches. I only have a 9 ft by 9 ft space.


I could be wrong, but I think  MESSIS' and mine is the only completed Hermione on MSW.

That is it for now.



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14 hours ago, Y.T. said:

A little bit of filing and I see no reason having any filler to apply!

Thanks Y.T.

This is a single planked hull. I guess one could say the second planking is the fill and paint. 

13 hours ago, petervisser said:

splicing the mainbrace

Thank Peter

I don't know what "mainbrace is".


For now my focus is on the case for my model and and where to put it now that it is finished .


My next build will be either the Model Shipways Chaperon or Armed  Virginia Sloop 

Until next time.


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Hi Russ,

Splicing the mainbrace is a traditional term in the British Navy for serving out an additional tot of rum or grog to the ship's crew as a reward for extra efforts in a number of difficult tasks aboard the ship.

The mainbrace itself was a purchase attached to the main lower yard to brace it round to the wind, but probably has little to do with the saying beyond the fact that hauling on the main brace called for extra effort by the crew.

I found the saying in the Oxford Companion to the Sea which is an excellent reference book with tons of interesting articles regarding seafaring history.



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 Congrats, nice work. You beat my finished L'Hermione. Hope to reach you with my new one.


Yes you are right... we are the only two finished AL kits of L'Hermione. 




Ps.My respect for your scaliera. The ladder on the shrouds. Each step is separately knotted!  (The kit.. and my lasy self used glue 😀

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Beautiful ! Very nice work RussR. I have the impression that this is your dinning room. My admiral was opposed when I suggested to display Hermione there. So she is still in my private office displayed. And if the weather is rainy and you stay indoors for a smoke... then you may have a look at her in my study, as it is then becoming the only available smoking indoors place. 

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Thank you Messis and Derek and others for the comments and others for the "👍".


The model is in our family room. This is my biggest problem, "where do I put it after it is finished". I will probably end up giving them away to make room for more. The fun part is building them.

This is my second build and hope not my best. I made many errors on it but hope the next will be better. 



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