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Did not take pictures during the construction, will do next time.


but use simple brass sheet 0.3 mm  what I glue on a piece of hardwood, for the doors, and for the window frames I use plastic card.

than I make the shape on a proxxon micro mill the doors are easy to make, the window frames are more delicate, I use Micro drills and routers used in the pcb board fabrication, they are easy to find on the internet.

I make the basic window frames in basic shape,  

and because they are glued on plastic card, I can shape them very easy with Swiss precision files to the exact shape, 

when they are in the exact shape, I carefully slide them of the plastic with a very thin knife.


and when it is necessary I use a lighter to carful burn the frame clean of glue. (Second glue, burns very easy) 




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It’s Tork paper wipper painted (soaked)with a mix of acrylic varnish and paint (dark crème) 


when dry, cut to small strips 


then I soak them in speakglue, and when the glue is almost dry, I place the strips like tape, 

Then I form them with a small brush and a hairdryer. 

after one day drying and hardening, I spray it with a mat varnish. 




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some time ago,


But still working on the Scharnhorst, did some work on the bridge and the frond

did not take much pictures during the construction of the parts, but made the compass, steering wheel, air-exhaust, belaying point for the signal flags, fire hydrants, changed the railing again was to low, and placed the railing and flagpole, navigation lights and the ammunition hedges and cranes.

just a few things left on the list, and the frond and bridge are ready, so i can start with the smokestacks !!






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I like your approach: you are literally moving from Bow to Stern, and making great stride in your progress.

The satisfaction of having completed some sections of the ship is immensely rewarding, as opposed to have the entire hull under construction and losing your momentum.



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Thanks everybody for the nice words and thumbs up !!


First is started with the funnels to made them in there basic shape.

after that I start to detail every funnel, 

started with the first funnel, that is more or less ready, still need to ad some details, that I will make and place after they are all painted. 

below a few pictures for a impression 











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Just realised this build is also on another site. The same images on THIS site are double the resolution.

It's pure coincidence that I'm reading 'Castles of Steel' and am working through the chapters involving this ship. This build is bringing those pages to life. The book is pretty much a complete narrative of RN operations during WW1 and so well written, it flows like a novel: check it out. Boris, this build is excellent and I look forward to each instalment. Thanks for sharing.

Could you elaborate on your reference sources? I'd love to find books in English about this period from the German perspective.

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My reference, are the Wischmeijer plans, which I purchased in Germany from Zinnecker Modellbau.

and I use pictures that I collected over many years looking on the internet,(when you still could find pictures from better and higher  quality as it is now) 


unfortunately the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau  only had a 7 year lifespan. 
so there are not much pictures to find.

(some pictures of “ships” but not usable for details)


And for the rest I use pictures of the preceding Roon class cruisers for reference, which also has a lot of similarities with the Scharnhorst class. 

And I also post my build on a German forum, which is also a great source for ships of Kaiserliche Marine time period, “marine Modellbau und mehr“ (it’s in German language) 

That guys over there helped me also many times a lot !. 

all the best. 




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