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7 hours ago, boris279 said:


My reference, are the Wischmeijer plans, which I purchased in Germany from Zinnecker Modellbau.

and I use pictures that I collected over many years looking on the internet,(when you still could find pictures from better and higher  quality as it is now) 


unfortunately the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau  only had a 7 year lifespan. 
so there are not much pictures to find.

(some pictures of “ships” but not usable for details)


And for the rest I use pictures of the preceding Roon class cruisers for reference, which also has a lot of similarities with the Scharnhorst class. 

And I also post my build on a German forum, which is also a great source for ships of Kaiserliche Marine time period, “marine Modellbau und mehr“ (it’s in German language) 

That guys over there helped me also many times a lot !. 

all the best. 




'I use pictures that I collected over many years looking on the internet,(when you still could find pictures from better and higher  quality as it is now)'


Yes, I've noticed this change. Does anyone know why? Google is becoming harder to find stuff, yet I've found no better site to go to as an alternative.


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Thanks everybody for the comments and thumbs up.


Made the hatches to close the engine room windows. 
also painted the rooftops of the stowaways on both sides, and added some small details to the doors, 


and because today was a nice day I brought her outside to take some pictures. 

all the best 05D9DF3B-95D9-4D0C-961E-D2E9805934F9.thumb.jpeg.4749a35c8ae7bd062e792dd482f6bd5f.jpeg







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Thanks everybody for the responses and thumbs up. 

Continued  with making a set of skylights.



And  I made 4 cylinder shape objects ??? could not find any real clear information in my plans and pictures,

so with the little information I had about the objects, I had to improvise and Came with this: 









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Thanks for the comments and thumbs up 


And we're going a little further

The last 2 parts of the railing where made, as well as the deck-hatches , all the coal winches and the boat stands for the steamboats.

And also from the United States I received a message, that the display case is ready, took some time (because of the situation) but is finally ready, and will find its way here these days.

Beneath some pictures, always say more as words.



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So I started making the 2 steamboats and motorboat,
What in itself is still a nice complex puzzle, this because of the fact that there is not much image (reference) material, and of the material what is there is very diverse.

But okay i made the choice to equip the Scharnhorst with 2 steam and 1 motor sloop.

I've made a start with this, will keep the hulls of the sloops, but the further decks and superstructures I will continue to make myself.

The housing of the steam sloops was a construction of frame and tarpaulins, I made a start with this, the motor sloop had a fixed superstructure.

Below some pictures, it’s still a work in progress but as always pictures say more as words.








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Hi Boris,

I watched an interesting show on TV last night about finding the wreck of the Scharnhorst in the depths off of Stanley. After following your build I could identify every part of the ship the ROV was filming. What a pity to see such a fine looking ship torn to pieces by 11" shells laying on the bottom. I was thinking of the lost lives of all the sailors shown on your posted photos and those on the program who went down with the ship......What a waste.

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small update


Thanks for the comments and thumbs up 
Still working on the steamboats,

have made tarpaulins, the steam boilers and machinery and some details to the upper structure this far.

Now working on the propeller shaft and rudder blade and some other details on the hull.

stoom 2.jpeg

stoom 3.jpeg

stoom 1.jpeg

stoom 4.jpegstoom 5.jpeg

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first everyone thanks for the thumbs up 


Update :

 I think that I can close the steam launch chapter, I consider them more or less ready, so small details left but that I will apply on a later moment. 

still one motor sloop left but that’s a other chapter on a other time. 

below a few pictures. 







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thanks everyone for the thumbs up and kind words !!


 I've started with a first start for the on-board cranes 

since I didn't like the included on-board cranes
I've decided to make them new.

under some photos (its still premature, but gives a impression) 

kraan 1.jpg

kraan 2.jpg

kraan 3.jpg

kraan 4.jpg

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1 hour ago, amateur said:

Can't understand what is wrong with the resin thingies :)

Those are two serious cranes. How on earth did you get the bolts and rivets in so evenly: did you use those 'decal-type' of rivets?



Nah, mate. Those are real individual rivets. This build is a constant delight. No doubt those cranes are so good, they'll give you a lift next time you are feeling down.

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