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Thank you all for your kind words and thumbs up.

And we go a bit further

Made a couple of downfalls, plus torpedo loading crane Plus made the railing for the rear gallery,

also made the flagpole.


Still need to make few details on the aft deck, before I can make a beginning with the rigging. 










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On 2/15/2021 at 3:54 PM, KeithAug said:

Very nice brass work - did you make the wheels for the torpedo handling crane?

 The small wheels I made from cutting very small slides from a brass tube, the bigger ones I used wheels that I still had laying around from my previous build Emden, used them for the 10,5 cm guns. 

Everyone thanks for the thumbs up and likes 


and we continue.

did not make so much pictures during the process of construction and building 

so manly pictures of finished parts and constructions. 


made the railing in the back. Made a start with the rigging of the funnels, made the 3.7cm Maxim machine canons, that where placed in the fighting masts. 
and started with the construction of the searchlights (the searchlights I purchased some time ago (3D print ) these are so detailed, for me very difficult to make, with the tools I possess) 


Bellow some pictures 
















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Posted (edited)

The hull was purchased some time ago (2014) from MZ modellbau, but as far I understood he closed his company (he retired) in January 2019. 

I figured out, that the hull and resin parts are produced in the Ukraine (ML-Modellships ) they offer a line of ships of the German imperial Navy 1/100 scale. 

but come mainly with resin parts, 

the rest of the parts you need to make by your self (depending upon the choice you make) I use the resin parts as a example or use it partly (base) to remake the part. 

Part of the brass I use where purchased extra with my Emden.
And some I bought by A Lassek in Germany. 
But mainly I make by my self, (love working with brass) 


(The Emden was also purchased from MZ modellbau, I made here in the same way as I am building the Scharnhorst (used the resin parts mainly as a example or base to rebuild )


for me the most important part of the model are the drawings that came with it.

And the pictures I collected over the years. 

Below a picture of all the parts I remade or simply did not use. 





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5 minutes ago, lmagna said:

I really like the purple camouflage in pictures 3 and 5!:D Gray or purple it is an impressive build Boris and a treat to watch it being built.

Yes we went true a purple rain 😂



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Posted (edited)
14 hours ago, boris279 said:


finished the searchlights platforms, only need to make the rescue ring installation below the platform on starboard side, after that I can start with the railing. 

A wonderful and difficult prototype to model. One of the masterpieces of German military shipbuilding in terms of external perception.

    Great job, Boris! And the angle for photographing the hull of the model is chosen by you ideally, the overall impression is enhanced.

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2 hours ago, yvesvidal said:

 From what I understand, your model will most likely be the last one being built and the most exceptional.


Yves pessimism in our business is not needed. Modelers will never leave beautiful ships without their attention. ;) 

For example, this model is built in the same hull as Boris's model. :) 



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Posted (edited)
21 minutes ago, Valeriy V said:

Yves pessimism in our business is not needed. Modelers will never leave beautiful ships without their attention. ;) 

For example, this model is built in the same hull as Boris's model. :) 


Thank you Valeriy, the model you presented us is indeed exceptional. There are  a lot of treasures for us westerners, to be found in Russia and Ukraine.



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