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SMS Scharnhorst by Borus279 - FINISHED - 1/100

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2 hours ago, yvesvidal said:

These masts go really high. It will be an interesting exercise to move this model....



Yes I know, that’s always the most exiting moment for me.  

but I hope to move her one more time, when she is ready, to her final place a display case that I already have,  and that was specially built for it by a very skilled carpenter. 

below a picture of the case, when it was still in his workshop. C2E0EEB4-F0D7-41FC-8F22-89C7562CBE9D.thumb.jpeg.a19da68cdd997da936d0ad0a5f95736d.jpeg




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Thanks everyone for the positive comments and thumbs up. B0429E33-C46C-4E63-A37D-7732996A7C40.thumb.jpeg.dbbbf352fe45558ac8074e9a7f2626e8.jpeg413A381B-0A1C-4B78-8CDC-D59A67F7CCDD.jpeg.d3d474f9cc9e2db20101bf48cf708431.jpeg013C2B23-C286-48AE-AE3E-4CD2B5BA403E.thumb.jpeg.3b95033c29c14fd03122c6ae43d906f6.jpeg

And we are going a bit further, 
Made a start with the foremast, this is now definitively placed, made the stays, also made a start with the navigation lights.


below some pictures 

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Thanks everyone for the comments , thumbs up and watching. 

Continued with the aft mast, made the stays and further rigging, also made the navigation buoys. 

Now we can start Now we can start with the antennas and the remaining navigation lights in the masts and lines for the signal flags.

below some pictures. 







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thanks everyone for responses, thumbs up and looking. 

Rigging and antennas are ready, after some searching, thinking and studying of various photos, I made the antennas as follows.


Only the rigging for the davits of the auxiliary boats, the gangways and the necessary small details remain.


And then, finally, the flags can be placed.


We are almost there but not quite.



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On 6/23/2021 at 9:47 PM, boris279 said:

Thanks to all who watched and responded.

Final stage of the masts.

The masts are more or less finished, except for a few small details, than  I can start with the rigging.

Below some pictures 



this is insanely neat job.


Any info of how you made the mast  ladder ?

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On 9/5/2019 at 7:04 PM, boris279 said:

Started with the bulls eyes

Turned them out of brassrot on my lathe.

Coated them with a clearcoat of lacquer, 

Placed them and filled them with Kristal clear liquid glad. 

Below a few pictures for the impression.






Love the shapes and curves in the hull and superstructure, doing a quality job with this model. Also interesting to see something I have no knowledge of. Well done keep up the excellent work. 👍👏

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So after being hammered down by C for 3 weeks, I am back !! 


Thanks everyone for the thumbs up and nice words. 

In answer how I made the laders for the mast. ? 

I made them out of evergreen strips, that I place on strip with painters tape (blue) 

build them like a puzzle together, and then apply super glue with a micro glue application tool (kind of needle), after the glue is cured, polish it with 600 sandpaper, and spray paint them carful with a filling primer (tamiya) takes some practice, but it is quite simple to do.



Finished more or less all the points that I wrote on a to do list during this build 


one of the last points on it was placing the flags, (done) 


Last point on the list, finishing the display case and stand  (still open) 

Still working on the last part. 


but below a few pictures of the model. 






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