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So I got my q galley templates mocked up tonight and boy what a nail biter. I found that my stbd template held a nice shape where my port one is a little warped, both are in nearly identical positions down to .001”!!! yet the port one really throws the eye off due to the warp. I’m going to sleep on this one and possibly print the port template out again tomorrow, if anyone that’s been here sees anything jump out please let me know!








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Hello JJ:

I think the placement it is perfect.  The lower portion of the template corresponds to the first horizontal piece. The fore line is the tip of that first piece once you add the trapezoidal cover where the freeze is placed.  The aft line is where the horizontal piece for the window goes.

I highlighted the box the I marked on my build and the position looks exactly as yours with respect to the last gun port.

Hope this help,



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No problem,

That first piece needs to be beveled before it is glued.  Once you add the cover and the molding, the fore tip of the Q gallery will be ahead of the fore line.  Also once you add the columns, the fore side of the column will touch the fore line.  

I glued the first piece, and worked the second lower piece with the model upside down.  It is easier to work the aft bevel of that piece, the bevel against the hull, and to glue it parallel to the first piece (better perspective when you look from the top; both pieces match).


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Little progress update, been chugging away slowly at the Q-galleys. Going back and forth between P&S sides. Got all the windows for the q-galleys fitted but not permanent yet. Fitted the drops on both sides and those turned out well, needed a little sanding. Got the port side q-galley Roof tiles finished Today and started working on the moulding and frizzie placement. Still working on the moulding profile that I like for the middle moulding, definitely sacrificed a few pieces of boxwood strips in the process but I’ll get there. Happy so far with the results. 











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So I pretty much finished up the port side tonight aside from a few minor details. Scraped and fit the lower moldings and Added some WOP, that stuff really brings out a pretty color on the boxwood that looks great with the cedar.

 I’ve had constant anxiety for the last week thinking about how to get these mouldings on perfectly parallel and keeping with the sheer line and it just dawned on me about two hours ago to just clamp on a plank that perfectly follows the middle moulding and simply glue on from there. Seemed to work pretty well. Hope someone else can find it useful when they arrive at this stage.












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Beautiful work, JJ.  Your moldings look perfect.  I have a question for you and I think I know the answer: Is your cellophane "glass" installed in your quarter gallery windows?  It's hard to tell, but I think it has to be there by this point.  I'm early in chapter 3 and will be starting the Q galleries soon.   

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