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HMS Winchelsea 1764 by Rustyj - 1:48

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The port framing has been completed on both sides. The starboard side has also received preliminary fairing.


After viewing these pictures I noticed the most aft frames lintel is not installed correctly. I'll rip it out tonight and reinstall it!








As I needed to give my shoulder a rest I spent yesterday cutting out the stern pieces.




All the pieces have been roughly sanded to shape and will receive a final sanding just prior to installing them on the model.


Hopefully I'll have the stern assembled by the end of next weekend. That is the family permitting. ;)


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Joe....read ahead and examine the plans....they are added later when adding the stern frames.   It is best not to add them until you are ready to insert the stern frames.  You can see them below.



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I am very impressed, your Hull looks extremely clean and well faired. 

It is very inspiring to watch you building Winchelsea.


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Here's where I am at right now. The stern frames have been completed and I started installing them.

First I placed the outer most frames , parts ST-C and ST-D, and then placed the stern framing plan

over them to confirm the correct width.







Following checks marks and using the spacers here is the assembled stern with some light sanding.




A lot more sanding is needed to clean it all up. Oh I've also finished the preliminary sanding of the port side port framing.


Time to ice down my shoulder.B)


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Thanks Chuck,


Your framing guide and window template really made it come together well.

Also I forgot to add one picture to the original post which I just added. Oops! :blush:

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The stern framing is now completed. Everything has been rough sanded. More fairing will be needed once

I determine the run of the planking. I the last picture you can see the nice curve of the stern.


Next is placing the hance pieces and the piece of strip wood along the top of the quarter deck.







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Rusty....Check that quarter gallery framing.  I think those timbers are way off.   The horizontal timbers where the intersect teh stern frames are incorrect.  They are way too low.   Check them out in relation to the stern window framing as can be seen below.



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On ‎11‎/‎15‎/‎2019 at 4:05 PM, Stuntflyer said:


Check the vertical timbers as well. Not sure how much it matters, but 2 of them are parallel to each other.


The brain cramp that Mike thankfully pointed out has been corrected.

Sorry to say it won't be the last one either.




I've added the hance pieces on both sides as well as the strip on the quarter deck.






On to creating the bollard timbers and thinning the inboard side of the hull at the stem. 


Thanks for stropping by!

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The stern framing in the quarter gallery area has been redone again and finally I think it's right.  

I've also completed the bollard timbers though I haven't glued them in place yet.

I'm holding off until after I complete the lower counter planking. Just a quirk of mine.

This completes the 1st chapter!


I want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. With the holiday and then taking the Admiral on

a vacation the Winnie will be in dry dock for a couple of weeks. I won't even have access to MSN

while we're away. Sigh. See you all in a couple of weeks.







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That looks terrific. Nice fix.  The bollard timbers look perfect.  Have a great trip.  And happy tgiving.

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Thanks for the kind words Mark. And also for all the likes.


Well I'm back from vacation and though it's cold and snowy out it's warm in the workshop. :)


I spent the afternoon running the baton strip to mark the bottom of the wales. I'll look them over

again tomorrow, after ugh work, with a fresh eye.


Next up I'll cut the pieces for the lower counter.














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Hey Rusty, just catching up and I think I see that your stern framing is still a bit wrong, see doctored picture showing where the upright and the back of the port should go to in yellow and the red shows where the bottom sill of the QG door should slant, this will affect the QG door a bit I think. Maybe you can get away with just filing the correct angle into that existing bottom framing to get it correct.


Also I think you have your foremost gunport a little bit too far aft, the plans show its foreward aft edge on the aftside of bulkhead W, yours appears quite a bit further back than that, should be real easy to fix.





InkedRusty Stern framing_LI.jpg

InkedPort framing_LI.jpg

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Thanks Matt and Chris,


Hi Ben, Thanks for the input. I think the quarter gallaries doorway angle can be adjusted as I plank it.

The foremost port will be easy to adjust. Thanks!

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I started working on the lower counter and the first row of the wales.

I used the plans to cut the planks for the lower counter. They are preshaped for a better fit.






After the counter was planked I started the do the first row of the wales.

The port side seemed to go well though I leave that to sharper eyes than mine. :)






The starboard side from the bow to the next to last piece again went well.




When I was putting the last strake on I noticed that at frames 27 and 28 I had sanded too much off.

The normal run of the plank showed a large gap. If I laid the plank down to the frame there would have been

a big dip in the wales.




So I pulled the last strake and I've added some basswood to the face of the frame and once the glue dries I'll re-fair it.

Hopefully all will be right then and I can continue with the rest of the strakes.



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