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Thanks Glenn and nzreg.


This is where I'm at on the port side quarter galleries, frieze and moldings.

The scrolls and top most moldings are Syren laser cut from cherry.

The center and lower molding were scraped from pear. They all work good together.

The roof for the galleries has been completed but is just sitting in place for now.

I still have to finish the top molding as well as the gallery fancy roof molding.

Then it's on to the starboard side.







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Thanks Bob! Also thanks for all the likes.


Hi Chuck,


Thank you and yes building at 1/4" in many ways is much more fun. The use of pear and cherry

together has also far exceeded my expectations.

As far as the v.2 design changes go you've really improved everything especially the quarter galleries.

I thought the original design was a vast improvement over other kits method of assembling them.

This version is even a bigger step forward and I was pleasantly surprised that the quarter galleries were 

easier than I thought they would be. Any difficulties I had were self induced errors which I have had a few!

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I've had plenty of free time the past week and I was able to complete the port qgalleries roof 

and the starboard side frieze, moldings and qgallaries roof.










Next I'll start fitting the figures and stern moldings etc. One decision I need to

make is what color to go with for the resin cast figures and moldings. I'm undecided

if I'll stick with the fruitwood gel stain Chuck used or go with something a bit darker.

I do like the fruitwood color and think the contrast may look real good.

The hard part is there is little extra material to test on. I'll post some ideas soon.

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1 hour ago, scrubbyj427 said:

I’m motivated, going to go add some planks to mine right now! 

Glad you liked it JJ and I look forward to your next update!


1 hour ago, Chuck said:

 I think you should try the lighter carvings first.  You can always darken them later.

Thanks Chuck, I was wondering if I could do the Fruitwood 1st and if needed darker later.


Thanks Reg.


Yes Ben they were actually a lot of fun. Chucks design modifications really improve them.


Thanks for all the like too!

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1 hour ago, glbarlow said:

Darker may be too dark once on the shelf. Maybe look at the test pieces were you plan to display her. 

I agree Glenn. I spent a couple hours last night cleaning up the flash etc. on the pieces and will start experimenting soon.

I'll temporarily tack them in place to evaluate the look.   

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As you can see I've applied the Old Masters Fruitwood Gel Stain to the stern decorations. I applied

the stain with a soft paint brush, let it sit for a couple of minutes and then used a clean dry brush to

even out and wipe off the excess stain. I left the drops undone so you can see the difference.




Here is one figure tacked temporarily in place to see how it looks and I'm happy with it.

One question though would be after staining the pieces should they be sealed with something or leave them as is?



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The carvings certainly add pizzaz to Winnie. I have a piece of sprue treated with the gel as you Rusty, then coated with WOP.

Did this a few weeks ago and it still looks ok to me.

Don’t know if its necessary and will wait before deciding to coat the rest.

Very interested in what others think.

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On 6/29/2020 at 8:46 PM, Rustyj said:

I filed the profile into some flat brass stock.

So the brass will cut the profile into the wood, it doesn’t need to be sharpened, or you sharpen it as part of the filing?

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I think there is a ”wash” that some artists put on sculptures that give them depth, sort of fills in the crevices and curves with a darker shadow. My artist son would know. 

However that said, I think they look fine and Dullcote would finish them off great. My opinion is darker isn’t necessary, they look realistic as they are now.

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Hi Glenn,


No sharpening. Just cut the profile and scrap. The hardest part for me was learning the angle

to hold the scraper and the amount of pressure. I also found that going with the grain works better.

I also got the dullcoat today, just sprayed them I think they look good.

I do have weathering powders but I don't think they would right for this. 





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On 7/9/2020 at 8:27 PM, Rustyj said:

weathering powders

The artist wash is a water based solution verses a powder. Since I don’t know what it is called I’m really no help😁. At any rate they look great as is. 

Thanks for info on scrapers. When I need a lull in planking I’ll have a go at making one.  

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Glenn, not knowing is not an issue. As you said they look good to me so for once I'm leaving well

enough alone. As far as scrapers go if your like me you'll be making a lot more than one!


I've printed out the stern frieze and have applied them. They went on well except

for the lower counter. My model was off just a little and there was a small gap at the

lower molding. I had to reprint the lower counter at 102% so that it would fit correctly.


Also using nzreg's idea for attaching the hull to work on the stern worked terrifically. Thanks!

Oh and the shop foreman was awake, sort of.





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