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Chapter 4 Cherry parts have arrived as well as the hatch grating kits!!!!! They are even better that they look.








I installed the beams that create the opening for the hatches. Next I had to "fair" the tops of the bulkheads. As I decided to cut my own bulkheads there is some minor variations in the height of the tops of the bulkheads. It's probably a combination of sanding to the line or taking the line. That seems minor but it can cause some minor stepping. To get the run as smooth as possible I sanded the whole thing. 

Next I'll start dry fitting the false deck and then start throwing some wood on the inboard bulwarks!

Having a lot of fun with this. 


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6 hours ago, Chuck said:

 It will be so nice to finally cover up those bulkheads.

Very much so. I'm really looking forward to the inboard work!


5 hours ago, glbarlow said:

Did you choose to go with the pear for your decking?

Thanks Glenn and yes I will be using pear to plank the decks. 

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Hi all,


I've been plugging away a bit at a time on chapter 4.


After fitting the laser cut and etched false deck I added the first layer of bulwark planking. The fore deck clamp needs

to be bent and with the cutouts for the deck beams can make it fragile. I carefully bent it around the outside of the hull

and then heated it with a hairdryer and let it cool. After all of the first layer of planks and deck clamps were in place I

confirmed that the Captain's cabin paneling was starting in the correct location I marked the fore edge and then added

the second layer of spirketting.






I have painted the bulwarks but still have a few more coats to go. Once I've finished painting I'll add the Captain's cabins paneling.







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The fun continues.


The panels for the Captains Cabin were placed with minor adjustments. The inboard stern

counter was planked and then the margin planks were placed next. They required a little

more work on my part. I took paper and cut a template of the curve at the bow and transferred

it to sheet stock. I then marked the inside curve and the cut it out and final fit it. Scarph joints

were cut and then the margin planks were added. After the margin planks were added the

checkered floor was sanded to fit.














Whew now I'm on to building the hatches. 

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Thanks Matt. Yes closing the bulkheads always makes me happy!


Thank you JJ and Chuck. Having a lot of fun.


You're welcome Glenn. Wish I could tell you who passed that onto me a long time ago.


Mast partners and hatches are coming along. 


Thanks for all the likes too!

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