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Other kits like Master Korabel?


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If you are thinking of the Kammerlander kits, they are quite different in construction. I think that MK's technique is pretty unique at this point in time, but I doubt it will take long for other manufacturers to adopt it, at least to some degree. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so they say.

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There are 2 more manufacturers that make kits similar in construction but they are also Russian and so are the ships they are selling.

Only foreign vessel that might be coming soon is Italian vine transporter. So in regards of ships origin you are out of luck for now .

Otherwise MK has 4 kits of ships plus several kits of smaller craft.

Falkonet has 2 kits of steam launches, 2 viking tipe ships, a 1/24 scale yawl and in development are 2 masted cutter "Uvalen" built for russian prince (similar to French pilot cutters), Peter the Great pleasure yacht "Nataliya" and in a long run schooner Meteor (Baltimore schooner type)

Eskadra has 2 kits out - famous Mercuriy and schooner "Lastochka" from Crimean war

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The fishing vessel "HF.31 Maria" by Dusek might be close enough  I think (but not the other Dusek kits  I stand corrected, see Dubz post below 🙂 ).

It has all planking strips pre-cut, along with a lot of other wooden parts pre-cut, and it takes full advantage of photot-etch for detailing. If this is what you are looking for in "similar building technique"?

On Duseks product page you can have a look at the instructions for the kit, on the tab "Download" http://www.dusekshipkits.com/maria-hf31 

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