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Hi, I´m Urban and this is what my little(?) boatyard looks like:

Corel, Sloop, the first build, the planking needs to be redone from the beginning.

Sergal, Sciabecco, planked once and started a second lap, scrap?

Mantua, Viking boat, worth building?

Dumas, motorboat, very simple construction, worth building?

Nordic atlast, Mariefred, made new keel and new ribs in 4 mm plywood.

Nordic atlast, Vega, glued keel and ribs. Build it even in scale 1:45.

Billing boats, Norden, planked.

Billing boats, Phantom not started.

Billing boats, Vasa, not started.

Billing boats, Arnanes, set up the ribs.

Billing boats, Gothenburg, not started.

Bluejacket, Swampscott dory, rebuild?

Bluejacket, Smuggler, the hull needs to be built on to the bottom.

Bluejacket, Friendship sloop, once planked.

Bluejacket, Spray, not started.

Amati, Swedish gunboat, made the hull and parts of the deck.

Artesania Latina, Vasa, not started.

Occre, Santisima Trinidad, cross-section, built two decks approx.

Ongoing construction, Swedish gunboat, Santisima Trinidad, Vega.


What I have built clearly are three planed hulls.


When I started this hobby, the idea was to build a model of the Vasa ship and I quickly realized that I had to learn by building other boats.

It is very easy to buy a boat model and unfortunately quite easy to start it too but then it becomes more difficult. A question, should I start building logs even if I´m not sure that I will finish the build?




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9 hours ago, ubjs said:

should I start building logs even if I´m not sure that I will finish the build?

    Who can say just how long any of us have on this earth?  Our very existence is always subject to coming to an abrupt end when we least expect it!  I feel that if we all lived our lives avoiding doing the things that we like to do just because we aren't sure if we can finish them, none of us would be able to enjoy what time we do have and would never be able to get anything done at all. 

    I have listed many projects that I look forward to doing below, that realistically I probably wont be able to, but I fully intend to give it a good try anyway!  Do your logs and enjoy another facet of modeling, you will find that we all try giving advice on how to get through the difficulties that more than likely many of us have already run into. :D

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