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HMS BEAGLE by Peter Cane - BOTTLE - scale....if it fits in the neck!!

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I hope I am in the right department here.

If I am moved by administration please advise me and my apologies in advance.

I have dabbled with SIB for some time.

I make one every ten years on average.

This is supposed to be HMS Beagle.

I do not work from drawings. ( should do )

All is eyesighted and let's say...artists impression?

I have seen some of  the most  exquisite models built by guys on this forum which leave me very humbled.

They are just brilliant with all their tiny detail.

I love ships but am a bit of a bluffer.

I put in what I think looks good and ignore scale as it is too much for me.

It is supposed to carry seven boats I read.

This, on this scale will be too overpowered.

I have tried my best.

I am a non nautical but love what I see in ships .

I have the boat hanging over the stern on Daviits which should be a give away for HMS Beagle.

Plus all the other boats on board for the expedition.

When I see what some modellers  have achieved I  should be ashamed as I have not applied myself fully to it.

Anyway, here are my results so far.

The main thing here is.....FUN!

and I get plenty of it.

Your ships though my brothers are an inspiration to me.

We cannot hope to build anything without this.

I have an attraction to Dimple bottles of the smaller variety.

They have their own stand.

Trouble is I get quite Ill for five days having downed a bottle in one evening!

Maybe I WAS a sailor in my past life? Ha ha.

I do know though that us modellers have a vivid imagination of the past and that's why we do what we do.

Here's the pics.

" Weigh Anchor and set sail me boys"

Or have I got it the wrong way around?

Said I was  bluffer!!!

In hindsight...I Christen this ship..." HMS Bluffer ".








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I decided that it was not looking Beaglish enough so I have added some pieces under the bow from styrene sheet which will be painted black, a capstan, cat heads and a tiny anchor made from brass.

For me????... that is about as small as I can model.

I also did not like the two pieces of bent brass wire forming Davits for the stern mounted longboat.

So I replaced them for wooden planks and dangled the boat on ropes as in the real thing.

The planks are a bit huge but they have got to be a certain size in order to drill the .5mm hole through.





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8 minutes ago, Niallmhor said:

Have you tried high lighting the anchor to help make it stand out more against the black of the Hull Peter?

No I have not done that.

Maybe I could give it a thinned down rusty wash of matt enamel.

Failing that, somewhere I have some Tamiya weathering powders that I used for my model trains.

Good idea!...I will give it a try.


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