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Here are some pics of my attempt at bashing a Billings Danmark.

The model was started by another person who unfortunately will never see the finished model. (how often does that happen)

It was just a painted hull when I started. I stripped and refinished, then laid the decks. It's pretty much scratch from there.

Some components from the kit are being used, turnbuckles, belaying pins for example.










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Hi Allan,

Wow, what a great model so far! She looks super. I have a very old Danmark kit which I have just started. However, the instructions are so old and basic that I have contacted Billing to get some full size drawings.

I will be checking in on your build log from time to time and get some hints and tips. You have put the bar pretty high...



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Hi Peter.

I think the kit that was given to me was pretty old too.

There is a a newer one with updated fittings I think.

I have accumulated a lot of images/plans etc. PM me and I will send the stuff to you.

Their facebook page is good for photos.



This xls may be useful. however its a work in progress also.



Danmark_rigging.pdf rigging1.xlsx

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On 9/7/2019 at 2:51 AM, Mirabell61 said:

What about rigging and sails ?

Regarding the rigging, I have been working on getting my ropewalk to produce very fine rope.

I have perfected getting it to wind two single strands giving a rope diameter of 0.2mm.

I think rayon is the best as it produces a thread with no fluff or fur.

1 strand x 2 =0.2mm

1 strands x 3 =0.3mm

1 strands x 4 =0.4mm

2 strands x 2 = 0.4mm  (1x4 looks better)

2 strand x 3 = 0.5mm

2 strands x 4 = 0.6mm

4 strands x 3 = 0.7mm






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Good morning Allan,

Many thanks for looking in

yes, I wanted to build a tallship, and was evaluating between "Gorch Fock" 3-mast bark, and "Pamir" 4-mast bark. In the end I built both, whereby my "Pamir" is representing the version in which she foundered, with only 6 young men surviving that tragic loss way back in 1957....


Greetings from Glinde, in Germany



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Hi guys.

Thanks for the kind comments.

A couple of pics of the lower masts. (so far)

This work is not hard, just time consuming, take your time and have fun. Some of these parts are my second and third attempt.

I look at the work of others on this site and get a lot of inspiration. I get a lot of satisfaction too.

At this scale it's at the limit of my ability. (at this stage) But I keep trying. And so should you.






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