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Mare Nostrum by woodartist - Artesania Latina - 1:35 - 2015 model

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This is my first model build. I read some of the build logs here for the Mare Nostrum but most are for the redesign model in 2016. I got one of the old ones but the price was right. I made a vice before I started to assemble the kit. Once I started I had some difficulties identifying the kit pieces because they were not numbered. Unlike the redesign, there are not many pictures and very brief instructions.

I assembled the false keel and glued it together.  I added the planking to the floor section and secured it with contact cement. I made it solid and then cut out the holes for the ribs. I did not like the blandness of the planking so I stayed it so that it looked more realistic and then varnished it and the dividing walls. When I attached the flooring section to the false keel I needed to clamp it to force it down flat. After I took off the clamps I noticed that the keel section was no longer straight so I took a rally fine fret saw and shortened the flooring a blades width next to the ribs. It relieved the pressure and seemed to cure the slight bend.  I have to put the bunks in next but I have not figured out how to make them look more realistic .ie a pillow, and some texture/loft. I put the false keel in the vice and glued on the rear section. So far I think it is ok.20190823_151741.thumb.jpg.94532a98973a6c22e6bb5db022a5cae5.jpg








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Welcome to MSW, Woodartist. This a very friendly forum where questions can be asked and advice will come quickly. At this early stage be vigilant for any warping and try to correct before continuing. It could be my eyes, but on your last picture it looks as if there is some kind of warping, but maybe that picture was taken before you relieved the pressure from the flooring.


By the way, it looks as if you have borrowed my mitre box whilst I was asleep tonight. This arrangement is probably OK since you are living with 8 h time zone behind me but I want it back now because I plan to spend the day at my shipyard today 🙂.


Kind regards


"The secret of getting ahead is getting started" - Mark Twain

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this picture was taken before I used the fret saw to relieve the warping pressure. One of the reasons I started this project is because I am the lucky recipient of a full chest full of tools from a deceased person who built about 20 ships. Most of the tools I have not used yet but the mitre box was used to cut the flooring planks.

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Nice start!!

Congratulations on purchasing an "Early" version of this subject.


You'll find that it builds to a great model, Just take your time.


Have a wee think about the instruction sequence, from memory, some things should be done before others....



Completed Builds:


A/L Bluenose II

A/L Mare Nostrum

Sergal/Mantua Cutty Sark

A/L Pen Duick

A/L Fulgaro

Amati/Partworks 1/200 Bismarck

A/L Sanson

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