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I am wondering why we don't have any feedback for the transactions that take place on this site. I feel it would be valuable for the buyer/seller to know who they are dealing with. 

Maybe then we would see more stuff come up for sale. 


Cheers, Jerry   

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Hi Mark, Back in the day when I flew RC I was part of RCCanada.ca. They have a great feedback system. When you click on a user profile you can see and read all the feedback that was entered. When I click on your profile I don't see any indication on your past transaction, don't see your feedback. Am i missing something?

Thanks, Jerry

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We did away with that system years ago....it was being abused.  It was similar to a ranking and folks did everything they could to boost it artificially.  It became a game.  So we abolished it.   You can post on someone's profile but if there are any sellers (sponsors)...all you need to do is ask and trust me, you will be told the good ...the bad....and the ugly about any seller.  I am talking about companies that are manufacturers or distributors.  We only allow sponsors to sell stuff in large quantities.   We only allow approved sponsors.  Meaning ...even if you ask and want to pay a sponsor fee, if you are a known abuser or are a shady outfit.....we wont allow you to become a sponsor.  We have given several the boot in the past.  Any member who is not actually a builder and is basically a professional reseller and uses EBAY, etc....if they try and sell here they are banned immediately.  You know the type,  the ones that go garbage picking and amass a ton of stuff and try to sell it for a huge profit.   That is not what this site is about.  That is what EBAY is for.


If you are a known member and happen to sell your old stuff stuff once in a while, thats different.  Buyer beware.  Its why we dont allow new folks to sell anything before posting a decent number of posts.   Any known member who has a history of abusing the process or one that has had complaints from buyers, we will revoke their privileges to offer and sell stuff.  



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