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Colonial Ketch Mary Byrne 1826 by Doug1963 – Modellers Shipyard – Scale 1:48 – First wooden ship build in 20 years

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Hope i am doing all this correct, it is my first build log.  First time i worked on a wooden ship sites like this did not exist. This will not be a fast build, my wife will be having back surgery and the grandkids have just moved closer, so please bear with me. I do plan on getting the grandkids a model for them to work on as well, fingers crossed on that one.

I have just finished with the dry fit and have now glued bulkhead frames to the keel.

Hope you guys like what you see as I move along. I am very much looking forward to seeing my progress as well.



Cutout 1.jpg

Dry fit.jpg

Glue 1.jpg

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A silly question on my build.

I have sanded my bulkhead frames to be level with the keel.  However, in a video i purchased along with the kit, not specific to the actual kit, they seem to imply that i need sand bow to stern to get the keel level across its length.  I say imply as they do not state that but the  guy on the video does run his sanding block the full length of the ship.

I have attached a picture of the ship with a straight edge to show the bow of the keel.  Looking for advice as i do not think this should be sanded.

Like i said, a silly question.

Thanks in advance.



Pic 3.jpg

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You're correct - the deck will have a fore to aft curve and should also have slight curve centre to port and starboard. You may have a problem with the bulkhead 3rd from the right as its foot is sitting slightly higher than those either side which will mean a dip appearing in the planking. If it isn't already glued I'd drop it a little further then build up the top as it's been sanded down.



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