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In my Rattlesnake build, I had been puzzled, as a rookie, by the plans showing the hawsers running down into the main hatch. Gee, I thought, shouldn't they be routed to the capstan??




I've been reading through Patrick O'Brian's Aubry/Maturin series of books and ran across the solution! A "messenger" cable, smaller than the hawser, is attached to the hawser by "nippers" and the wet smelly hawser is sent below. Ah-HA!


In the Rattlesnake, I guess this messenger would go through this bulkhead to the lower capstan (not modelled in this kit):




I'm wondering what accomodation might there be to run the messenger through it. Would whole panels be unshipped, or could there be a smaller opening in a panel for that purpose?






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The messenger would not have gone from the upper deck to the lower.  All the lower capstan, in this case, would have done is provide additional manpower for the upper capstan as they were mechanically linked.


For a good overview of the messenger, take a look at Dafi's Vic build starting about here: http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/76-hms-victory-by-dafi-to-victory-and-beyond/page-9

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Thanks for the lovely presentation! But it's given me a brain overload and will have to digest it fully later.

The Rattlesnake is but a wee frigate, if that, and I would guess its operations were a bit scaled down from those of Victory.



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