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Small propellers (AKA screws)

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In between laying planking on my C W Morgan, I have been building the old Model Shipways “Yellow Box” City of Pekin, steam canal barge. Today it seemed like a good idea to install the props, prior to setting it on a base. But, the bag of fittings did not include the props. I purchased the kit on eBay several years ago. I don’t know if the seller lost them or MS didn’t include them. They need to be rather small, about 1/8th inch in diameter. (Model scale is 1/8” to 1’). To get to my point I haven’t been able to find props that small at any of the model ship stores. The smallest seems to be 20mm. I can probably scratch build something passable but I am wondering if any of the shipwrights out there have any suggestions for a source.  I was thinking that perhaps an old plastic warship kit might have something useable.


Ron Gove

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The props were not part of the kit.  I have a like new yellow box kit with plans and all, with the fittings bag unopened - no props.

The vintage of the COP when it was stem propelled would have used two bladed props.


Kurt Van Dahm






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Can you find 4-bladed props?  It would take some surgery to turn them into 2-bladed.

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On 9/17/2019 at 5:49 PM, Roger Pellett said:

Very small two bladed propellers can be made by twisting thin wire into a figure 8 shape, skewed to represent pitch.  The two lobes can then be filled in with modelling putty or even thick paint.



That is a good idea. I used a thin brass strip, rounded the edges and gave it a twist.  I think I will try your wire idea.

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