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Wooden box by Wiktor.L - FINISHED


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when i built my work table I joined the planks vertically together. It made the top 'thick' but gave it a lot of strength that I think it looses by joining width ways. Here are some quick shots (you#ll have to forgive the mess as as I am obviously mid model)


So front view showing size




Side view to show how the table top planks join together




And finally how the base structure works (this is actually similar to your approach I think)




It is very heavy but will not move anywhere and if the table top gets cut up then I can always re-plane and varnish and it would still be huge...

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This my 1st project that type. Next can be better. But that table i made for heavier work than making models :) I wanted to avoid buckling the countertop... In the previous Bought  tables are twisted....

By the way i glue counter top to legs. This need onlky grind, and look corrects. And after i try to make a drawer and the shelf for tools...





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Durum sander is end.

I finished the drum with roll, after it the sandpaper.

I m happy with the effect, it is not most beatiful, but it work, and this is the most important thing in this utensil type. 

The biggest problem with it anchorage the sandpaper to drum....

Precision is very well. For pre-treatment pank to the model, where the harvest is small it can do it good. To set the table top precisely need a little time,  but it's worth?

I'll add to it the extraction soon.





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