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HMS Pickle by Norway - FINISHED - Caldercraft - 1:64 - First ever wood model

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Hi there everybody!

New member from Norway here. 

Just made an account on this wonderful forum. 

I have spent many ours reading building logs, and i must say there are some extreme skills around!

I have been a modeller since childhood, but only with plastic and R/C cars and boats. 

Until now. 

Started this Pickle build several months ago. Work and kids take time and effort so i put in some building when i have time to spare. 

Posting a few pictures from where i an now. 

As you probably already have guessed i am from Norway so please excuse my English 😊










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Excellent work Norway!! 

Nice neat little ship. 

Cheers Jon 

Current builds;

 Henry Ramey Upcher 1:25

Providence whaleboat- 1:25     HMS Winchelsea 1764 1:48 


HM Cutter Sherbourne- 1:64- finished    Triton cross section scratch- 1:60 - finished 

Non ship:  SBD-3 Dauntless 1:48 Hasegawa -FINISHED



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Well done!  Keep at it!

Building: 1:64 HMS Revenge (scratch - Victory Models plans)

On hold: 1:98 Mantua HMS Victory (kit bash), 1:96 Shipyard HMS Mercury


Favorite finished builds:  1:200 Orel Ironclad Solferino, 1:72 Schooner Hannah (scratch- Hahn plans), 1:72 Privateer Prince de Neufchatel (scratch - Chapelle plans), Model Shipways Sultana, Heller La Reale, Encore USS Olympia


Goal: Become better than I was yesterday


"The hardest part is deciding to try." - me

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Your doing a really fine job on the model.  You will be masting and rigging in no time at all.  If its your first time around with rigging a model like this you just might find you like rigging more than making the hull and deck fittings.   I am sure you are going to have fun doing so.



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I am following along with much interest....keep up the fine work.  :D  Have fun with the sticks and strings!!!!

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That is the absolutely right frame of mind to take.  Its not a rush and should be an enjoyable process.   The masting is developing nicely but as you said those deadeyes are looking pretty sloppy.  Poor products placed in these kits have such a negative effect on what is otherwise a wonderful model that you are building.  Slow and steady!!!  :D

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12 hours ago, Norway said:

Just started to fiddle with my first standing rigging...







Your doing great Norway! Just step by step...I still didn't figure it out where those hanging pendants are for 😅, well...it will become clear at some point :D

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Well done. Newbie or not, good work and attitude. Just keep at it.

current build- Swan ,scratch

on shelf,Rattlesnake, Alert semi scratch,Le Coureur,, Fubbs scratch

completed: nostrum mare,victory(Corel), san felipe, sovereign of the seas, sicilian  cargo boat ,royal yacht caroline, armed pinnace, charles morgan whaler, galilee boat, wappen von hamburg, la reale (Dusek), amerigo vespucci, oneida (semi scratch) diane, great harry-elizabethan galleon (semi scratch), agammemnon, hanna (scratch).19th cent. shipyard diorama (Constructo), picket boat, victory bow section

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