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HMS Pickle by Norway - FINISHED - Caldercraft - 1:64 - First ever wood model

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Hi there everybody!

New member from Norway here. 

Just made an account on this wonderful forum. 

I have spent many ours reading building logs, and i must say there are some extreme skills around!

I have been a modeller since childhood, but only with plastic and R/C cars and boats. 

Until now. 

Started this Pickle build several months ago. Work and kids take time and effort so i put in some building when i have time to spare. 

Posting a few pictures from where i an now. 

As you probably already have guessed i am from Norway so please excuse my English 😊










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Your doing a really fine job on the model.  You will be masting and rigging in no time at all.  If its your first time around with rigging a model like this you just might find you like rigging more than making the hull and deck fittings.   I am sure you are going to have fun doing so.



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That is the absolutely right frame of mind to take.  Its not a rush and should be an enjoyable process.   The masting is developing nicely but as you said those deadeyes are looking pretty sloppy.  Poor products placed in these kits have such a negative effect on what is otherwise a wonderful model that you are building.  Slow and steady!!!  :D

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12 hours ago, Norway said:

Just started to fiddle with my first standing rigging...







Your doing great Norway! Just step by step...I still didn't figure it out where those hanging pendants are for 😅, well...it will become clear at some point :D

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