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HMS Vanguard by marktiedens - Model Shipways - scale 1:72

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Hi - All the side mouldings are now on,along with the gallery window frames.  The decorative mouldings are supplied as laser cut walnut & are extremely fragile - I broke each one at least 3 times just cutting them out of the walnut sheet & smoothing the edges!   Some of the laser cutting does not go completely through the sheets.  I managed to get them glued back together & on the ship,though.   After that the upper hull painting was finished up.   










and..............the fenders,chesstress, & steps were added





The fenders & chesstrees were laser cut & just needed slots filed to fit over the mouldings plus a little filing to fit tight to the hull.   The steps were made from 1x1 & 1x2 strips glued together & filed to shape.     Thanks for looking in!




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Hi all - been absent for awhile.   Kind of lost my mojo for a while after doing some major storm clean-up plus some minor damage control - slowly coming back now:).  I managed to get more of the stern trim painted & installed.  The castings were well done & I decided to add some color to them rather than paint them all yellow ochre - much better looking, I think.  Thanks for looking in.





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46 minutes ago, marktiedens said:

Starboard gallery done - all PE parts fit pretty good,except there wasn`t room for one piece of scrollwork at the aft end of the lower windows:huh:.





Loverly work, those side windows look a treat  - nothing wrong with your paint skills my friend.



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