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HMS Vanguard by marktiedens - Model Shipways - scale 1:72

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Update - poop deck on & planked.  The cap rails were added & the carronades were finally finished & set in place with all the rigging:blink:.  The carronades are shown in the retracted position thus the lack of slack in the breech ropes.  The railings will be added later - if not, I would surely knock them loose.     Need to add a few more things & then on to the pointy end of the ship:D.







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update - finished up the poop deck by adding some bitts, a few timberheads, stern brackets, the skylight, & a bunch of eyebolts.  I used liquid window maker for the skylight windows.   

Next, the bow railings & timberheads were installed.  The cap rails, railings, & timberheads were all laser cut to shape and fit nicely - basically just had to assemble, paint them & glue them on & cut 4 short sections out for the last 4 cannons.






Thanks for looking in:).




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Hi - added the rest of the cannons to the deck plus the chimney & gratings.  




Before finishing off this area, I thought I would move to the bow deck area & work on the head rails.  First thing I had to do was chisel out the top of the wales so the gratings would sit on the supports properly.  after a lot of filing to the head rail slots in the supports, they were glued in place along with the upper cheek rail.




Then, the middle & lower head rails were shaped & glued in place - this took almost a whole day to get them even on both sides:wacko:.  Finally, the gratings were added.  Got a bunch more to do yet in that area.













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Well,1 step forward & 2 steps back.  While working on the bow, I managed to break a few strips of the bow grating:angry:.  I managed to splice in some small HO scale strips & after some paint touch up it looks ok at arm`s length.







Continuing on, I finished up one side of the head rails.  I had to cut a groove in the rails for the covering strips to lay flat, but other than that it was just a lot of filing & sanding to get everything lined up.  Now I have to do it all over again on the other side:wacko:.







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