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This is a short tale of my experience trying to plank the hull of the gunboat William - which is a bit bluff bowed.   The bulkheads are ready for the 1st. planking.  I tried using brass nails, but that did not work - not really happy about using them anyways.  Regular store bought clamps won't work very well.  Have had previous success with "push pins" but the bulkheads on this ship are not very wide - no success this time with the push pins.  Am thinking about getting some "drawing pins" ( metal one with wide head) and see if they will work.  Am getting a little frustrated as until I solve this problem I am stuck.  Was thinking about making some home make planking clamps, but need some guidance.  Don't want to purchase ones as am on a limited budget.   Any help/guidance would be appreciated.

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Here is some info on planking and lining off the longboat which is very similar.   I hope this helps.






Also check out these videos I put together which should help in figuring out why the planks dont lay flat against the bulkheads.  I hull like that should be lined off and the planks curved appropriately to lay flat against each bulkhead.



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If they are the right shape and curved correctly.....no clamping is needed.  I do use CA for them though.   They should fit in position with no forcing or pining.


If you have to force them or pin them then dont use the plank....toss it and make another one.



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"How do I plank a hull?"  It is one of the most frequent questions posed on MSW.  And it comes from all levels of builders, from the total newbie to those who have several models under their belt but are afraid to take the plunge to learn how to correctly plank a hull.  No one wants to ruin an expensive kit by experimenting with hull planking, after all.  The Guild recognizes this; we have all been there!  We are in the process of developing an inexpensive kit (actually a learning aid) to specifically address the need to learn how to plank a hull correctly.  Our goal is to have this available to all regular and associate members of the NRG by Conference time next month.  I will be starting a build log in the scratch build area entitled Half Hull Planking Project and our intention is to turn this into a group build as soon as we start shipping.  The photo is of my prototype kit.

Finished hull cover shot2.jpg

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Thank you Chuck for wonderful videos about hull planking. I didn't believe it is so simple, but now I know better.


However I have one question: You said you use only CA glue to fasten the planks into bulkheads. Could you inform which brand of glue you are using? Because I have tried that too with different brands, but have not found any which would stick strongly enough. In fact they are not sticking at all perhaps due to the porosity of wood.


And I would love to see how you are planking the stern of the hull too, because normally there is no groove where to place the end of plank. 

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