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New Bedford Whaleboat by Seems ok to me - BlueJacket Shipcrafters - 1/3”

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Starting small but already things have gone a bit off. This is my first wooden boat and just learning the jargon has been one of the hardest parts. I’ve read Ansel’s whaleboat book and I’m looking up words like when I was struggling mightily Russian class back in college; clumsy cleat?  thwart?  Here goes nothin. 



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I would suggest just keep soldiering on. Experience is a tough task master, but it seems we learn more from our errors than successes. I am new at the hobby and working on my second build, learned a lot on my first and it is really helping on my second. I am still making plenty of errors and hopefully my third build will be even better. I suspect that every build teaches all of something useful even to the masters of the craft on this forum, seems the test is given first and the lesson follows! Keep us updated with more posts and pictures. 

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Final push to finish this week.  Sails were done by hand and show how bad I am at sewing. The brown paint is too dark but it hides some flaws. Rigging was simple in theory but still have so much to learn. Overall, I’m ok with this first try and an eagerly looking to do another with some experience under my belt. 





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Wow! You have made crazy good progress in a very short period of time! Looks super great  and far superior to my first build no doubt! 

Also, I would recommend you either build or purchase a glass case for the model. It really takes the display to the next level and keep the model looking great for years. 

Again, awesome work!

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