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New from Sweden


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Hi folks, I just stumbled in on this magnificant site. I especially like the athmosphere on all comments and the fenomenal will to help!

I´m not a beginner, have built models for a long time - mostly plastic airplanes. However I have in my stash a number of ships and thought that I have to do something about them.

Here they are: Revell Cutty Sark 1/96, Thermopylae 1/96 (old one), Wasa1/150, Snowberry 1/144, Heller Passat 1/150, Lindberg: La Flore 1/133? (old one), Santa Maria (old one), Victory (old one), Flying Cloud (old one).

I guess that these will keep me occupied for a number of years but I have patience not to rush. But which shall I begin with? Any suggestions?


Bye now from the south of Sweden

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Hi guys. Thanks for your warmly welcome! I planned to start my first build log this week. But the rear admiral had other ideas. 

The space in which i do my modelling is going to be overtaken by her😠 I am movng up to the 2nd floor. But that is not so bad after all!

I can easily put in two working tables there - with lots of drawers. Also I can, at last, have my spraybooth up the whole time!

So things are going to be for the better I think. But now you have to wait at least 3 weeks before I am ready for my first build log here.

Oh, if you are wondering what subject it will be? It will be Lindbergs Santa Maria from 1965 in a "suitable scale":36:

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Welcome! (Välkommen ;)


This is as you said yourself a very nice and friendly place to hang out.

Best ever I would say. The amount of help you can get here is just fantastic.

   I suggest you start with the Santa Maria, as she has much less rigging than

all the others (appart from the Snowberry which is a totally different beast from

all the others, almost no rigging but very detailed).



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On 9/30/2019 at 4:38 PM, Hektor said:

But which shall I begin with? Any suggestions?

    Hektor, if that Santa Maria you have is the 1/118 scale version, then yes I would also recommend that ship.  Those smaller scale ships would be more difficult to work with, especially when you have to reach through the rest of the rigging to run another line or to tie one off.  That’s something that you didn’t have to deal with on the airplane models you’re used to.  Generally speaking, with the larger scale ship models like the 1/96 Cutty Sark, it’s easier to handle the larger parts, but the overall model is much more complex to tackle as a first try.

    Take it from me as I’ve built it a long time ago and had to take several breaks in the construction due to the frustration of handling that complexity!

    Bye the way, although I’ve never been to Sweden myself, both my grandfather and grandmother were born and raised about 2 ½ miles NE of Stromstad or about 250 miles NW of Ystad.  Welcome to MSW from a half Swede.

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Hi Dave, I am not sure of the scale of this vessel. It says on the top cover " authentic scale" and on the side "scale 1 inch = 9 feet 5 inches". As I am not used to scaling in feet and inches, is that = 1/118? The kit number is 828:150. 

// Kent

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