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HMS Dreadnought by Joe100 - FINISHED - 125’ to 1”

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Here are some photos of my progress on my scratch-built, 1/1500 scale HMS Dreadnought, 125’ to 1” at just over 4” long overall. 
The hull was made from boxwood, the deck planked with bass. The balance of the detail is mostly brass, with some styrene, aluminum, and tungsten wire.
The funnel was made from aluminum sheet, and is hollow all the way through. Probably overkill, as I included not only the external piping but internal as well. The handrails are brass, awning stanchions are tungsten wire.
I’m using the plans drawn by John Roberts.
I’ll post more as I continue the superstructure.
Total parts count at the time of this post is 606.


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Very kind of you to say Kurt, but they certainly do! Mr. Reed, Mr. McNarry, and Mr. Mcaffery inspired me to even consider this type of modeling. I have all their books and if someday my models 10% as good as theirs I’ll die happy. 

Those gentlemen are at the top of the Christmas tree in terms of their work, I’m just a guy making things.

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7 minutes ago, Tony Hunt said:

I'm intrigued by the high "rail" around the main deck. I assume it's not a safety railing. So....?


I mentioned it above, those are stanchions for supporting the sun awnings used while the ship was in port. The awnings were stretched across using the wire between the stanchions.CA7BC10A-E88F-48B8-8145-EF711741B9CE.thumb.jpeg.4ae2704eb46f646756b6dcdb4e7b1b6b.jpeg

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