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Benjamin W. Latham by jwvolz - Model Shipways - 1:48

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BWL1 (2).jpg

With summer at an end work has begun on the Benjamin W. Latham kit. 



With the large 1:48 scale I hope to add a nice bit of super-detailing, and I'm especially intrigued by the seine boat, a whole separate model unto self. Fittings are decent, though I may end up replacing some with scratch-built items. Plans are very nicely done other than the rigging sheet. 


I haven't done a ton of soldering on past kits, but that will certainly change on this build with all of the ironwork. 


The keel is a sandwich of two thicknesses of laser cut parts, and mine was just slightly warped. You can see below the eclectic collections of weights that happened to be nearby in my laundry room to help hold it down after wetting and clamping... It came out nice and straight. 




Rabbet was cut and reference lines were drawn on keel former and bulkhead as per the plans. First dry fitted and then subsequently glued in place. The bevels are on the plans and I did a large amount of pre-beveling with the Dremel and a sanding drum attachment before installation as the plywood bulkhead are very hard. Less prone to damage this way. 











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With the deck planking being 1/16 x 1/16" strips there is a definite need for a sub-deck to avoid sagging between bulkheads. Balsa pieces were cut to fit between the bulkheads and this should give a much better base for the narrow strips. I have also decided to trim off the bulkhead extensions from the plywood bulkheads. They are very hard, yet crumble easily. I figured with them having to be shaped and beveled on both sides it will be easier to replace them after the planksheer is installed. This will also give me some wiggle room in placement of the planksheer. 








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Planksheer and transom installed. I think my decision to remove the bulkhead extensions was a good one as it made getting the planksheer installed much easier. From the look of things a few of the extensions would have had to have been removed anyway to get it to fit. The transom is a tricky piece to get shaped correctly and installed at the proper angle. The plans are good though and it matches up well in that regard. 



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Planksheer outer strip is installed and the bulkhead extensions that were previously removed have been replaced and shaped to follow the curve of the hull, both inboard and out. Next up will be fabricating the false frame extensions that go between the ones shown here. There are two between each bulkhead. 



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Deck has been planked (including windlass pads and thick pads at the masts) and painted. I masked from templates I made copying the plans and airbrushed the white. The areas that I stained should be gray, based on the instructions, but I didn't like how much of the plank detail disappeared under the white paint, so I elected to just stain it a weathered color. 



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